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Rhinoceros V.5.5 Corporate Edition X64-x86 - 19

although often overlooked, the black rhino is one of the greatest conservation success stories. this story is chronicled in the fate of the black rhino, by tim knight. black rhino populations are growing and stabilizing in some areas, and the black rhino population is increasing throughout their habitat. the rhinos have been moved from southern chad to the samburu and buffalo springs in kenya, and to the ol pejeta conservancy in kenya, although the latter two are now being reduced in size to return to natural habitat. the black rhino was saved because the threat of poaching was reduced. there are now more than a million black rhinos living on more than 5 million square kilometers of rainforest, grasslands, and dry savannah.

Rhinoceros v.5.5 Corporate Edition x64-x86 - 19

the black rhino is very unlikely to attack another animal or human, except in defense of its own personal space. they may charge when defending their territory, their main defense being a head-butt to the face of the approaching animal. the battle between the animals can last for hours. the rhinos fight primarily with their horns. in order to use them, the black rhino must either chop them off, break them off of their heads or tear off or loosen the skin covering the horn. when fighting, the rhino does not leap or run, but rather slumps slowly to the ground and then walks. they also grunt and moan. a ferocious fight may continue for many hours. however, due to a combination of poaching and habitat loss, the black rhino population has declined significantly in the past 100 years. black rhinos are now listed by the iucn as "vulnerable."

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