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The Big House (2)Brooklyn Nine-Nine : Season 5 ...

The central storyline focuses on Jake trying to get Holt and Kevin back together during a trip to their lake house. Peralta hacks into their shared calendar and schedules their visits at the same time, ensuring that they'll have to communicate with each other. Part of what makes this storyline so endearing is the fact that Terry decides to secretly take part in the plan despite publicly criticizing Jake for attempting it. The pairing of Jake and Terry has been heavily underutilized in recent seasons and it almost feels nostalgic to see the two hatching a scheme together. What makes their chemistry shine through here is that Jake is now playing the straight-man and Terry is the comedic foil, a sharp contrast to how their interactions would be like in the early days of Nine-Nine. And while divorce is a heavy subject, the writers make sure to keep the exchanges between Holt and Kevin relatively comical and calm. Although Brooklyn could definitely pull off a serious arc with them splitting and have dealt with their relationship problems in the past, it's quite a relief when the two admit they still have feelings for each other.

The Big House (2)Brooklyn Nine-Nine : Season 5 ...

Of course, not everything came up Milhouse. Gotham has been an increasingly grave disappointment as each episode slips further and further into pointlessness. Constantine has the distinction of premiering with the same structural/character issues currently plaguing season two of Sleepy Hollow, with both shows showing little interest in salvaging themselves from the wreckage. At least we have Agent Carter. Ah, Hayley Atwell, moon of my life, my sun and stars. Hey Marvel, can I trade an Ant-Man movie for more Peggy Carter? 041b061a72


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