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Everett Miller
Everett Miller

Windows XP Pro. SP3 (Orion) [FRE ##VERIFIED##

The current version for the Chinese market is called ...-360 Secure Explorer also known as 360 Secure BrowserThe official version can be downloaded here (only in Chinese language) And here is the modified version in China: -DC Browser v.4 (Chromium 75)Note: With the official version I have experienced multiple blue screens, the modified version I have not tried yet.Official version: @Humming Owl modified versions:-post on MSFN: -360-extreme-explorer-modified-version/-download folders _Browser_Modified_Version-Kafan MiniBrowser aka MiniBlink aka MiniChrome (Chromium 87)Official version multilanguage (install only Chinese): Forum: -298-1.htmlMaximum perfomance:2 GiB RAM: 5 tabs open8 GiB RAM: 25 tabs open@Humming Owl modified versions:-Post on MSFN: -360-extreme-explorer-modified-version/-Download folders _Browser_Modified_Version-Liebao aka Kingsoft Cheetah Secure BrowserOfficial version: Change Chinese language to English: -cheetah-browser.381.Portable version -Maxthon (Blink + Trident + Webkit) (Chromium 69)Official multilanguage version: * * Version 6.x is not compatible with Windows XP.* Version 5.x is the latest compatible with Windows XP.MaxThon Beta (2020-01-06): -notes5/%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%0%C2%A0%C2% A0V-5382100-R214 /MaxThom Release (2019-10-24): -notes5/%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%0%C2%A0%C2% A0V-5382000-R213 /-QQ Browser (Blink + Trident)Official version (care, better not install, it looks like a virus / spyware that makes a lot of advertising in all your computer) -Sogou Explorer(It only exists in Chinese language)Official version: Version modified in China: Both on Windows XP and on Windows 10 it gives me the following error:w10 error xx183 cannot create a file that already exists-UC Browser (Chromium 54)This browser has been discontinued, after being accused of stealing user data.The latest version for Windows ( is from the year 2018.Official links have stopped working in some countries.Official version multilanguage: Alternative download: -uc-browser-for-windows/Modified version in China (it is possible to change the language to English after navigating the menu in Chinese): -TS Browser (Chromium 75)Official version: It seems to work as well as 360 Extreme Explorer but I haven't gotten it to read the updated certificates.

Windows XP Pro. SP3 (Orion) [FRE

Download File:

-Lobo Evolution (Java browser in Alpha phase)This is a current fork of the Lobo browser that was discontinued in 2009.Tested the latest version 3.0, it works exaggeratedly slow.Official Downloads:Github (last updated version) Sourceforge (only up to v.2.0) Original Wolf of the Year 2009: -Netsurf (experimental without Javascript) Browser (Opera Classic - Qt5) 12.18_45 unofficial (mod 06.11.20) (russian original but english is possible) (link is down)alternatives download: _c7A With certificates (zip password "111"): Instruction for menu Opera with english language -updated-browser-list-for-windows-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1208594Forum: -support/172922-windows-xp-2021-system-build-modern-pc.html =13&t=8570Forum certificates: -12-17-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-settings-not-persistent/9-RetroZilla (Gecko 1.8.1 fork) Also compatible with Windows 95Ç-Tor Browser 7.5.6 unoffial updated internal components, with Tor (Release May, 2021). English and Russian packs. _en_0458.ZIP.html (English)SHA256: a22a94bd1d4f23b6b1538ce3cddc3555e0c67fe423d80f4e541b8c8a409f3dc4 _ru_0458.ZIP.html (Russian)SHA256: d0036853c3fd6de568f274f10a63fa4b46db0c0bc7669045f41c2f37f8a20fb9Forum: -support/172922-windows-xp-2021-system-build-modern-pc.html -Retro System Revival -versions-of-working-software-on.htmlMORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CURRENT WINDOWS XP OPERATIONVisit MSFN forum Windows XP section: -windows-xp/This post is available in Spanish here: _de_navegadores_actualizados_para_windows_xp-t510585.0.html

-Tor Browser 7.5.6 unoffial updated internal components, added support for Node version 3. (Russian only) _ru_0445.ZIP.htmlForum: -support/172922-windows-xp-2021-system-build-modern-pc.html


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