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deisaray jones
Aug 13, 2021
In Medical Forum
I use to constantly say I'm just a nurse, mitigating the complexity and comprehensive components that make a nurse. If you are a nurse you know a lot goes into being a nurse, late night study sessions, ATI, NCLEX, went into you becoming a nurse. That was the easy part, now its the real part. Taking the foundations of nursing and applying them to real life circumstances is complex. Instead of saying I'm just a nurse, from here on out I'm a nurse. One would think its just wording but I will give you an example that words matter from one of my favorite shows. Side note "Dwight is not a loser" This post is meant to own your role and show how nurses rock in their own right. You can discuss the highs and lows and how you overcame adversities in your career.
I'm not just a nurse, I'm a Nurse! content media
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deisaray jones

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