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Ipad Mini Trade In Value Best Buy ((BETTER))

What's most important to know when trading in a device is that there's no one best site or service. There are so many options out there and prices vary based on device and promotions that might be running, so your absolute best bet if you want to do a trade-in using a trade-in site is to spend 15 to 20 minutes doing price checks on some of the most prominent trade-in sites listed below.

ipad mini trade in value best buy


Using a comparison site like Flipsy, uSell, or SellCell to compare trade-in prices can also be beneficial when you want to do some shopping around to get the best price for your particular device.

When you need to buy a new phone from a carrier, many carrier trade-in programs could be worth checking out just for the convenience, but no carrier or big box retailer is going to offer the best prices.

Although smartphones and tablets with damaged screens were originally only accepted for recycling, Best Buy has since updated its policy to give store credit for these devices. However, screen damage does decrease the trade-in values of these devices considerably (more on that in a bit).

As you can see from the trade-in values above, Best Buy has competitive offers for iPhones and video game consoles, as long as they are in good condition and include all the components, including cables and controllers.

In preparing this list, we used an iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi only with 16 GB of storage to compare prices across the most popular programs. Prices of other electronics will vary, so you may want to check several trade-in programs for the best price.

The best trade-in value for Apple products typically comes from Apple itself. The company offers higher trade-in values than many others, and while it only issues store credit or gift cards as payment, this option is best for purchasing new devices. If you'd like to receive cash for your Apple products, companies like Gazelle are a better pick.

The trade-in value of iPads depends on the device model and issue dates of the newest iPads. Values drop for older devices as new devices are released. According to Apple, most iPads have trade-in values between $160 and $445.

Selling your iPad yourself is always the best way to get the most money for an old device. However, if you don't want to sell your iPad online or locally, you can use trade-in programs through companies like Gazelle, Apple, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, and more to receive cash or store credit for the device.

Yes, old iPads can be traded in. Many companies only offer store credit for trade-in devices (often a better value than cash), but you can also receive cash for old iPads through companies like Gazelle.

  • Follow four simple steps to trade in equipment: Step 1 -- Use the Estimator to receive an instant estimate of your trade-in value.

  • Step 2 -- If the value is acceptable, register with the Best Buy Trade-In Center.

  • Step 3 -- Complete the transaction, print a prepaid shipping label and ship your items to our trade-in center.

  • Step 4 -- A Best Buy E-Gift Card will be emailed to the email address provided during registration, within 10 days of receipt of your item.

Trade In ConfirmationAfter completing the trade-in form, you will receive an e-mail confirming the items you are trading in, the trade-in number and the estimated value of the items. We recommend you keep a copy of this e-mail for your records.

Determining Item Condition For Trade InOur Trade-in Center will perform an inspection upon receipt of your item(s). Because the condition of the item(s) plays a part in determining its value, you must accurately state the item's condition.

The age, condition and the original accessories included will affect the trade in value of your items. Best Buy Canada uses our proprietary technology to evaluate your device and provide a competitive offer.

Still, the devices are pretty pricey compared to other tablets in the market, particularly those running on Android. A $200 minimum trade-in offer from Best Buy could make the price tag a little easier to stand.

If you're looking for the highest value, both Amazon and Best Buy offer the most compelling options compared to Apple, Gazelle, and GameStop. However, you'll only be able to get store credit in return. Gazelle offers the most flexible payment options, but offers lower trade-in values than Amazon and Best Buy.

If you received a new device for the holidays or simply want to upgrade to an iPhone 14, now is the time to lock in the best trade-in price for your used iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with bonus cash offers in place exclusively for AppleInsider readers.

Below are trade-in values for popular Apple devices that are valid at press time. For the latest price quotes for your specific model, check each retailer's website or visit the AppleInsider Trade-in Price Guide, powered by SellCell.

The latest standard tablet from Apple's labs, the iPad 10.2in (9th-gen, 2021), is very much an iterative update but it's undeniably a welcome one and maintains its position as the best-value iPad out there. Physically, it's identical to the 8th-gen model from 2020, with the same design, dimensions and 10.2in 2,160 x 1,620 IPS touch display. But there is a small handful of updates that makes it upgrading, if not from last year's iPad, then definitely from the 2019 or 2018 models.

Once a customer has accepted the trade-in value, they will be prompted to follow the steps to complete the trade-in process. This includes printing out a prepaid shipping label and packaging the item securely for shipment. After the item is received by Best Buy, customers will receive their payment within 7-10 business days.

Finally, customers should be aware of the terms and conditions associated with the trade-in program. These include but are not limited to: all items must be sent within 14 days of acceptance of the trade-in value, all items must be sent from the same address, and all items are subject to final inspection by Best Buy.

Make the most of your old tech by trading it in for the latest models at a reduced price. Use their user-friendly estimator to see what your item is worth and trade it in for a gift card that you can use on any of their products. The Best Buy Trade-In Program is the best way to shop sales and do your part to help the environment all at the same time.

Apple iPhone 14: up to $800 off with trade, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon (opens in new tab)Verizon's iPhone deals on the latest iPhone 14 series offer the usual trade-in rebates of up to $800 - a saving that can potentially bag the standard device for free. On top of this promo (which is already pretty good) Verizon is also offering the chance to bundle in a free Apple Watch SE and iPad - two awesome accessories. Note that you will need an unlimited data plan to be eligible for this promotion, but otherwise - it's an amazing value deal. New customers will also get an additional $200 gift card as a welcome bonus if they switch over. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Plus (opens in new tab).

Apple iPhone 13: free with a new unlimited line, plus free Apple Watch and iPad at Verizon (opens in new tab)A strong contender for iPhone deal of the week, the iPhone 13 is currently available for free at Verizon without the need of a pesky trade in. On top of that, you'll also be able to bundle in the same iPad and Apple Watch SE that are available for free with most iPhones this week - an absolutely stellar bundle. Note that this particular promotion is also available on the iPhone 13 mini (opens in new tab) and the iPhone 12 (opens in new tab), if you'd prefer those devices.

Apple iPhone 13: $20 $10 with unlimited plan at AT&T (opens in new tab)You could also consider the iPhone 13 at AT&T this week, which is available for a much-reduced price of $10 per month with an unlimited plan. Again, no trade-ins are needed here which makes this one a relatively flexible option for those who don't have a recent device ready to hand over. Worth noting with this particular deal is that it's not the best we've ever seen at AT&T, which has previously offered the device for as low as $5 per month recently.

Apple iPhone 13 & 13 mini: save up to $600 with an eligible trade-in at Apple (opens in new tab)Going unlocked? If you want a new device you'll have to pick it up from Apple itself as it's the sole vendor for these kinds of devices right now. What you lack in choice, you can make up for in the form of trade-in rebates, however. Currently, a maximum saving of up to $600 is available, which isn't the highest Apple has offered but still pretty good considering the freedom you'll get by getting to pick and choose your carrier and plan.

Apple iPhone 12 (unlocked): $799 $599, plus up to $600 off with a trade-in at Apple (opens in new tab)Price cut - Apple's recently cut the upfront price on both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini by a whole $100 thanks to the release of the 13-series. That makes both devices a much more compelling option if you're looking to save a bit of cash - plus, there are also very good trade-in options right now that could potentially bag you a significant additional discount.

Apple iPhone SE 2022: starting at $209 with activation and trade-in (T-Mobile) at Best Buy (opens in new tab)Best Buy's got iPhone SE 2022 deals available right now for T-Mobile devices specifically - with a combination of an activation rebate and trade-in saving up for grabs. Currently, the minimum saving with these combined is $220, which means you can get a device for just $209.99 (opens in new tab). We imagine, combined, you can potentially get a device for free here, although the fine print is a little obscure. 041b061a72


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