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Blessing Of The Energy Centers Guided Meditation By Joe Dispenza LINK

English Meditation DownloadIn this updated version of one of our most popular guided meditations, Dr Joe guides you to place your attention on each one of the energy centers of your body to influence them from a state of incoherence (disease) into a state of coherence (balance and harmony).You also learn how to change your brainwaves and enter into the autonomic nervous system so that you can program your body into health. This first fundamental meditation of the series teaches you the process of identifying your energy centers and the practice of convergent and divergent focus.Run Time: 69 MinutesMusic by Barry Goldstein Album: Ignite the Heart 2, Song: Opening the Cosmic Heart barrygoldsteinmusic.comMusic by Anugama Album: Shamanic Dream, Songs: Mystic Trance, Chakra Journey openskymusic.comPLEASE NOTE:Download products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable. Preview the audio sample below before completing your purchase.

Blessing Of The Energy Centers Guided Meditation By Joe Dispenza

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Dr. Joe Dispenza walks us through a meditation he calls, the Blessing of the Energy Centers. It is a way we can tune into our own energy by creating coherence in each of the chakras to improve well-being. He explains that these points in the body are much more than chakras. There are certain glands of the endocrine system located at each of these points, and each one has its own brain. Just as we learned to create coherence in the brain and heart, we can create coherence in each of these energy centers. Doing this gives you a means of tuning into your energy centers, creating coherence, and sending chakra healing throughout the whole body. Through guided meditation, you'll be able to activate your autonomic nervous system, slow down your brainwaves, and rewire yourself. Wake up to a new you.

He is the New York Times bestselling author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Becoming Supernatural, You Are the Placebo, and many more. He also provides other guided meditations, including The Pineal Gland, Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind, and more. Dr. Dispenza has taught neuroscience and the power of human potential to thousands of people around the globe.

The goal of the meditation is focus on each energy centre, one at time - first to the second centre, to the third, to the fourth, and so on. When done correctly, this process can create an effect called coherence (It took me a while to feel something!). I have had surprising experiences from this meditation; people including myself, report feeling energy/or charge building throughout their body as they go through the process. To me, it's one of those bio-hacks worth exploring, and I've found positive improvements (in my heart rate variability - HRV - discussed below) utilising this technique.

Guided meditation to help activate your autonomic nervous system so that your body's energy centers and the energy field around your body are more balanced. Everything in our known universe is made up of or emits light and information, or energy and consciousness. That means your body is not only made up of these energies, but it is consistently and continuously sending and receiving light and information or energy and consciousness. The energy centers in your body are centers of information. Each center has a plexus of neurons that correlates to a particular gland in your body. Whenever these plexuses of neurons become incoherent, it is because the brain has become incoherent. When this happens, the plexuses of neurons begin to change the hormonal expression and nerve conductivity of the different corresponding organs, tissues, and cells throughout the body. During this guided meditation, you'll begin to activate your autonomic nervous system so that the energy centers of your body are more in balance, and the energy field around your body is balanced as well. Dr. Joe will be asking you to rest your awareness in each of the body's 1st - 7th centers and then 8th center, being the space above your head and the field around your body. When he asks you to put your attention on each of the centers, don't try to create anything, just become aware of that center. Then, Dr. Joe will guide you with instructions during your state of coherence to create your transformation. "Your job is to raise the frequency of matter with new information. And we know from all of the available research, along with the experience in our workshops, that if you combined a clear intention with an elevated emotion, you will begin to affect matter." - Dr. Joe Dispenza Tracks- 1. Explanation (31 min.) 2. Meditation (42 min.) Run Time- 73 Minutes Music by- Anugama - Open Sky Music, LLC . Song- Chakra Journey Album- Shamanic Dream Please Note- This album does not include a "breathing" exercise track.

On this CD program, Dr. Bernie Siegel guides you through two individual and empowering meditations, each a combination of guided imagery and auto-hypnosis. These inspiring inner journeys are designed to assist you in dealing with negative thoughts, past hurts, stress, grief, and other conditions that can contribute to your lack of well-being.About the AuthorBernie Siegel, M.D., is a retired general/pediatric surgeon who is now involved in humanizing medical care and medical education. He is the author of Love, Medicine & Miracles; Peace, Love & Healing; How to Live Between Office Visits; and Prescriptions for Living. Bernie resides in Connecticut with his wife, Bobbie. 350c69d7ab


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