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Where To Buy Diploma Frames _HOT_

Diploma frames are the perfect way to showcase your biggest accomplishments, preserving them for decades to come and protecting them from the elements. And while a diploma frame may seem like a simple choice, there are many options you can consider that reflect your style, the school you went to, and even match the design of your home.

where to buy diploma frames

For instance, if you want to showcase the academic spirit of receiving a diploma, you can opt for diploma frames with tassel holders that will fit the commencement tassel next to the diploma, enhancing the visual appearance and creating a stronger connection to the special day.

At Jostens, we have a range of high-quality degree frames to choose from, allowing you to create your own diploma framing style, down to every detail, including the colors, materials, glass options, and more. Our personalized degree frames are crafted in the United States and can be tailored to the dimensions of your diploma.

No, we would never ask you to send your precious documents in the mail. We know that the best way to protect your prized diploma is to keep it in safe hands and not send it in the mail, due to potential loss or damage to your degree. Our system already knows the correct diploma frame size you need based on the school and Graduation Year, so our customers never have to worry about sending their important documents off to receive their framed college diploma (no matter if it's for a gift or personal use).

All of our university frames are made-to-order and built onsite in our Connecticut facility. Once we know your address, shipping needs, and level of customization your product requires, our data entry system will automatically calculate your arrival date at checkout! Knowing when the university frame will arrive allows you to better plan for gifting it or keeping your diploma safe in the meantime.

Rest assured, you can order worry-free! Our custom diploma frames have a 120-day return policy, so if you aren't 100% satisfied with your college frame, then you can return or replace it with no questions asked and no restocking fees! We completely understand that sometimes the vision in your head doesn't look the same in person, or perhaps your home decor or office is changing. No matter the case, you can have the peace of mind that we accept returns on all university frames within this time period.

After 30+ years in business, we are experts in custom frame solutions and sizing. We routinely update our database of university diploma sizes, so there's no need to measure. Whether you need a 11X14 diploma frame or a 14x17 diploma frame, we already know the proper frame size for your degree. At checkout be sure to include your Graduation Year to enable our system to do its work. Dual degree frames are also available, so if you receive two diplomas at graduation (or go on to receive your Masters degree) you can display them side by side for the ultimate impact.

Yes, we carry frame mouldings crafted from solid American hardwood as well as an array of 100% recycled wood options. We source these raw materials from suppliers dedicated to reforestation efforts and environmentally conscious practices. We also donate annually to nonprofit organizations devoted to replenishing American forests. There's something about wood frames that just exudes sophistication, and we carry mouldings to match any decor, whether displaying your degree in your bedroom, home office, or at work. And not only do our frames look good, they also stand the test of time as they continue to protect your precious degree from damage. Knowing your wood frame is handcrafted by a manufacturer that complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) voluntary Waste Wise program can give you peace of mind that your university diploma frame is built in accordance with eco-friendly practices.

We offer a wide range of official and custom college diploma frames and graduate school frames to help you protect and professionally display your Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree. Whether you're looking for an embellished diploma frame with tassel or a simple, classic black diploma frame from Church Hill Classics, our varied selection of college diploma frames and unique design options make for distinctive, one-of-a-kind graduation gifts. But don't wait until it's too late! Order your college degree frame before graduation so you can begin showing off and protecting your diploma right when you get home. Wondering how to frame a diploma? Search your school above for the best custom college diploma frames online.

A custom college diploma frame can make your degree stand out or perfectly blend in with your existing home or office decor. You can customize your diploma frame with embossed logos, school colors, and even an engraved nameplate to showcase your school pride or accent your favorite memories or college location. Customizations mean you don't have to sacrifice your style to have your degree on display. Dual college degree frames and different mat styles, colors, and frames are also available for the ultimate personalized touch. Say goodbye to boring frames and encase your diploma in the protection it deserves. See our collection of college diploma frames today to find one that catches your eye, or customize your very own frame to fit your style.

With more than 30 years in the business, University Frames is the leader when it comes to delivering the finest diploma frames to college graduates and anyone looking forward to showcasing their loved ones' achievements. We believe that earning a degree is a huge accomplishment; therefore, we use the finest hardwood for all of our licensed college degree frames. What's more, when getting your diploma frames designed at University Frames, you get the exact frames that are sold on campuses across the country with utmost attention to detail.

We are officially licensed with over 1000 colleges/universities, and our college diploma frames come decorated with the original seal (22-karat gold or silver medallion) from those colleges and universities. You can choose from a wide range of frames styles, including Diploma Frame, Double Diploma Frame, Diploma Frame with Tassel, Graduation Frames, Graduation Picture Frames, Campus Image Frame, Logo Mat Frame and much more. The best part is that you can customize it according to your style and preferences.

Your degree is more than just a piece of paper, and it deserves to be preserved and displayed in the best diploma frames. At University Frames, we use high-quality solid hardwood in all our frames while ensuring the greatest precision in measurements and other specifications.

Diploma sizes vary depending on many factors such as year of graduation and type of degree (law and medical degrees are often different sizes). If you have not yet received your diploma or you are buying the frame as a gift, you can contact the school's Registrar's Office directly to obtain this information.

University Frames, Inc. offers free ground shipping on any quantity or style of frames to the United States and its territories. Most frames are delivered via Ground Shipping within 3-4 weeks. We also offer international ground shipping as needed. Next Day, 2nd Day & 3rd Day Expedited shipping as needed. You can check your order status here

The standard lead time for our diploma frames can take 3-4 weeks from start to finish. Our custom diploma frames are handcrafted by our frame experts at our Anaheim, CA facility. Due to the customization options available, most frames are made to order once your order has been submitted.

Handcrafted in the USA, official USC Diploma Frames are custom crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. All frames are custom-sized to fit your major or minor diploma (if appropriate frame is chosen). Simply insert your diploma into the designated window, no need to send it to us. Upon closure, our Conservation-Quality mat board will provide long-lasting beauty and protect it from yellowing or fading.

Legacy frames have a deep mahogany finish with intricate black rope detail. The featured backing of the Legacy frame is suede mats with wood fillet. Frames include a brilliant, proof-struck, minted medallion. The above two styles are available.

Classic frames have rich burnished-cherry finish with a black and gold mat in Conservation-Quality Preservation matboard. Frames include a brilliant, proof-struck, minted medallion. The above style is available.

Windsor frames have a high-gloss cherry finish with a gold inner bevel including a black and gold mat in Conservation-Quality Preservation matboard. Frames include a brilliant, proof-struck, minted medallion. The above two styles are available.

Not only will your frame serve as the perfect pedestal for your diploma but you too can help us continue our ongoing commitment to the environment as we fund one tree planting for every frame purchased through our partnership with Trees for the Future.

The bookstore carries non-personalized, graduation announcement and invitation supplies and diploma frames. Note that the undergraduate diploma is 8.5 x 11, and the graduate diploma is 11 x 14. If you would like to order personalized invitations or announcements or class rings, contact Balfour at 1-866-Balfour (1-866-225-3687).

Proudly display your achievement by purchasing a Diploma Frame. An assortment of professional frames for your diploma are available at the post-convocation reception at the Sheldon L. Fountain Learning Commons, or throughout the year at the Financial Services Office, 3rd Floor, University Hall.

You can literally buy the exact same quality frame at a big box store for a fraction of the cost. The only difference is the college store frames have the college name printed on the matting. Other than that, the other materials are about the same. 041b061a72


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