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The Avaya 372x / 373x DECT Basic Charger allows for charging the 3720, 3725, 3730, and 3735 handsets. The cordless telephone is fully operational while placed in the charger. This charger charges the handset only. The charger is delivered with a plug-in power supply and connected to an ordinary wall socket.


Brand new Hyway POP UP extra compression piston kit. Fits Husqvarna chainsaw models 365 x-torq and 372xp x-torq, standard 50mm bore size. Does not fit the older 365 and 372 non x-torq saws (if your decompression valve is on the top of your cylinder its an x-torq, if its on the side its not an x-torq)

We have achieved speedups of 4-76x for support vector machine training, 4-372x for SVM classification, 37x for large displacement optical flow and 130x for image contour detection compared to serial implementations. A significant portion of the speedups in each case was obtained from algorithmic changes and numerical optimization. Better algorithms have improved performance not only on manycore platforms like GPUs, but also on multicore CPUs. In addition to achieving speedups on existing applications, our tool for helping manage data movement between CPU and GPU has reduced runtime by a factor of 1.7-7.8x and the amount of data transferred by over 100x. Taken together, these tools and techniques serve as important guidelines for analyzing and parallelizing computer vision algorithms. 041b061a72


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