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HDfury2 Strips HDCP From HDMI Connections

While using it (In collaboration with my elgato), it does not rip the HDCP from it. Using my other devices connected to it (A PS4 (With the HDCP Enabled option turned OFF) and a Wii U System) raised zero problems, and thus, I am able to record gameplay perfectly fine. My connections are perfectly fine, and nothing is damaged/broken. So either the splitter cannot strip the HDCP on a Playstation TV system, or my splitter is possibly faulty.

HDfury2 Strips HDCP From HDMI Connections


Hey there so with the Dvi to hdmi the cable ur where using I had a similar problem I had a cable vga to component and it work from the computers vga port to a regular tv component but then I plugged the vga into a monitor and tryed to plug my PS3 into the vga adapter into a monitor but no luck I believe it is cause the computer powers and drives the adapter where when I tryed the adapter and the PS3 into a monitor no luck I will see if I can find u one that might work hopefully I am hoping i did not confuse you if I did message me and I will see if I can explain it better

I also commented that I bought another hdmi splitter from an ebay seller. It arrived yesterday. I just hooked it up. It works too! Here is the link: ebay hdmi splitter/hdcp stripper . The seller states in the title that it is a hdcp stripper. I emailed him before I bought it and he confirmed the same. The original price was $12.48. About a week ago it went up to $14.48. Now it is $16.48.

For the money the Sanoxy HDMI Splitter is a better deal at $15.90. It is a much better construction with a steal case and a heavy duty power cord. The hdmi splitter I bought off ebay is a cheap plastic thing with a cheap power cord. Interestingly, the Sanoxy hdmi splitter pictured on the Amazon website looks like the hdmi splitter I purchased from the ebay seller. The actual Sanoxy hdmi splitter I received in the mail looks totally different and it has a much more solid construction.

For those interested: two users confirmed that this HDMI splitter from AliExpress ($10/free shipping) works and strips HDCP.The unit does not even seem to get warm, and one user even runs it without a power-supply.

Trying to get video out of an X1 Comcast cable extender box that only has hdmi out to an older plasma monitor that does not have hdmi. Understand the hdcp issues but looking for a source to make this work without spending a lot of $$$. Anyone find a reliable fix?

JOBSTEVETTT on Dec 25th 2015 and it worked great to strip HDCP. I liked it enough I bought 2 more Jan 15, but this time via Amazon Warehouse deals, and they did not work. I order again from Amazon Jan 18, from JOBSTEVETTT and that one strips HDCP. It appears there are 2 different hardware versions of the Portta. I opened them both up and it appears that the one that DOES strip has 2 chips in it with silver aluminum heat sinks on both. The one that does strip only has 1 chip and no heat sink. So watch out and I would not buy any Warehouse deals for this item.

I plan to take hdmi cable from cable box then to the splitter then to this Premium Stand Alone Digital HDMI HD Componet Video DVR 1080p Recorder. Then to the samsung tv. I have seen some on this forum say the ViewHD will strip HDCP protection. Just looking to record some tv series about 5 episodes per recording. I bought this on the reading in this topic that it worked for others, and hope it will work for me.

Thanks so much for this article and all of the comments. I have two Sanyo projectors in my system which have component video connections. I have an HDMI to Component video converter which works perfectly with my Cox cable box as the source and gives 1080i. However, when I use a Blu Ray player as the source, I get only light grey wavy lines. I suspect this is due to copyright protection. After reading this article and many of the comments, I bought this from Amazon:


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