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Crack Family Biografia De Shakira __EXCLUSIVE__

Shakur became addicted to crack cocaine in the early 1980s and was unable to hold a job, using welfare payments to care for her children. She said of this period to Smiley, "When I was on drugs my spirit was dead." Shakur moved her family to Marin County, California, in 1988 in an attempt to leave her drug use behind. Shakur's son left in 1989 because of her drug use and had no contact with his family for a couple of years. He started performing as a dancer and "hype man" with the alternative rap group Digital Underground, and in 1991 released the album 2Pacalypse Now, which became a major hit and launched the young rapper into stardom. Afeni Shakur returned to New York City in early 1991 and began attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. She managed to overcome her addiction that spring, "through the grace of God," as she told Smiley. Soon afterward she reconciled with her son.

Crack Family Biografia De Shakira


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