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[S10E15] The Missing Piece

Stella Kidd: Mason, *you* are the missing piece. What's been missing at 51 is what Casey brought us. And I mean, no one will ever be able to replace him, but it wasn't just his talent and his skills that made him so important to 51. It was his generosity, his kindness, his heart. And that is what you have. So, um... I know you're happy at St. Paul, but...

[S10E15] The Missing Piece


Vala and Mitchell sit with his parents, and Vala misleads them into thinking she and Cameron are dating. While setting up for the reunion, Mitchell reunites with Amy Vanderburg, "the one who got away". Vala is introduced to Mitchell's old friend Darrell Grimes, who is immediately smitten by Vala's charms. Elsewhere, Daniel again encounters the strange young woman, who now attempts to seduce him by asking him if he'd like to go somewhere more private with her. Daniel suspiciously declines, to which the woman pulls out a Goa'uld Za'tarc ring and fires it at him. Daniel runs while she shoots repeatedly, missing him by mere inches. Daniel exits the museum, but the woman teleports in behind him and tells him to stop or she'll start killing innocent bystanders - a woman walking down the sidewalk with her baby, as it happens, to which she has her weapon pointed at. Daniel surrenders, but just then his pursuer is run over by a bus, much to his surprise. 041b061a72


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