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Spider Man 3 !!LINK!! Full PC Game

Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 action-adventure video game loosely based on the Spider-Man 3 film and released for Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on May 4, 2007.

Spider Man 3 Full PC Game

For the first time ever, play as the Black Suited Spider-Man! Set in a larger, dynamic, free-roaming New York City, Spider-Man 3 gives players the freedom to choose their own gameplay experience. Follow along with multiple movie-based missions or original storylines. The integrated city missions and performance rewards allow you to increase your speed, combat maneuvers and agility. With a new combat system, players can defeat enemies using expanded aerial fighting, finishing moves and dynamic webbing during missions and epic boss battles.

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While the game offers the option to replay most of the missions using the black suit, there is no actual New Game Plus option. If you want to play the game with all upgrades, you can use a modified save file.

Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 action-adventure game based on the 2007 film of the same name. The game is the sequel to 2004's Spider-Man 2, itself based on the 2004 film of the same name. It was released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS on May 4, 2007, and for the PlayStation Portable on October 16, 2007. Published by Activision, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were developed by Treyarch, while Vicarious Visions handled the development of the other versions, which are drastically different. Beenox ported Treyarch's version of the game to Microsoft Windows.

The game plays similarly to two of Treyarch's previous Spider-Man titles, Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man, incorporating an open world design that allows players to freely explore a fictitious representation of Manhattan when not completing missions to advance the narrative. The symbiote costume from the film is a major gameplay mechanic, increasing Spider-Man's strength and unlocking new abilities. While the game directly adapts the plot of the film, it builds upon it by including additional characters and elements from the Spider-Man comic books and other aspects of the Marvel Universe. Most actors reprise their roles from the film, including Tobey Maguire, James Franco (the first time he does so as Josh Keaton provided Harry's voice in the previous two games), Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, and J. K. Simmons. Bruce Campbell, who played a French maître d' in the film, narrates the game's tutorial level.

With the exception of the Nintendo DS version, which received mostly positive reviews, Spider-Man 3 was met with a mixed critical response. Most of the criticism was aimed at the game's graphics, short length, and technical issues, as well as being too similar to its predecessors. The drastic differences between platforms was another point of criticism. The game was followed in October 2008 by Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which has no connections to the Spider-Man film series. A beat 'em up loosely connected to the films, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, was published by Activision in October 2007. Following the expiration of Activision's licensing deal with Marvel, Spider-Man 3 was delisted and removed from all digital store fronts on January 4, 2017.

Players can web swing, crawl walls, and fight enemies using a variety of combos. The game introduces quick-time events and collectibles, which are scattered throughout the city, including the subway (which is now accessible while free roaming). It also features the symbiote black suit, which is automatically unlocked after a number of story missions and introduces a "rage" mechanic, that is charged up by attacking enemies and allows the player to deal extra damage. In this version, the black suit can not be removed after unlocking it, and will be automatically and permanently removed after reaching a certain point in the story.

The game also features an upgrade system where upgrades are unlocked automatically as the player progresses in the story. In the Collectors Edition of the PlayStation 3 version, the New Goblin is a playable character, similarly to the Green Goblin in the first game. The New Goblin is also briefly playable in the final mission of the game across all three platforms, and is available as downloadable content for both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. He can be selected from the game's menu, much like the player can select from regular Spider-Man and black suited Spider-Man once they completed the story with the former. If choosing to play as black suited Spider-Man, then the game starts from the beginning, but all upgrades are unlocked, therefore this essentially serves as a New Game Plus. If choosing to play as the New Goblin, then none of the story missions are available, but the player can still free roam through the game's map and complete side missions. On PC, the New Goblin is playable only through mods. Peter Parker in his civilian outfit is also playable on PC through mods, and through a glitch that prevents progression in certain story missions across all three platforms.

This version of the game plays similarly to its next-gen counterpart, except the combat system is mostly ground-based, like in Ultimate Spider-Man. The main narrative is mostly unchanged, except for several slightly altered missions, while most of the secondary storylines focusing on characters not featured in the film have been removed and replaced with new ones. The map has also suffered a few esthetic changes due to these consoles' limitations. New CGI cutscenes are included, in addition to several recycled scenes from the next-gen version. The most notable change in the gameplay is the ability to change between Spider-Man's traditional red and blue costume and the black suit at any time through a short quick time event (once the latter is unlocked). During the main storyline, the black suit requires to be removed regularly, because if worn for too long, the symbiote will corrupt Spider-Man, leading to a game over.[1] After removing it, there is a cooldown before the black suit can be worn again. After completing the main storyline, the black suit's rage meter will instead deplete to zero percent without killing Spider-Man, once it reaches its limit.

The game features an upgrade system where upgrades need to be manually purchased; there are no upgrades for the black suit. Upgrades are purchased through hero points, similarly to Spider-Man 2, which are unlocked from completing either the main story missions or side missions, including races and combat tours, as well as some that appear randomly across the map. Unlike previous Spider-Man games, these random missions are activated through a radio transmission, allowing the player to accept or decline them, and may vary from stopping muggings to delivering fruit pies. The collectibles and crime wave mechanic from the next-gen version also return, albeit with several modifications. Collectibles, mainly the Spider Emblems, which can be found only during story missions, actually reward the player once found, by unlocking the black suit. The crime wave is now influenced mainly by the combat tours, as there are no longer main story missions involving the gangs. Rather than clearing the city of the gang's influence, the player's goal is to help the NYPD take over, which is depicted as its own "gang", allied to the player, in the menu map.

The primary features for the Wii version are motion controls. By flicking the Wii Remote & Nunchuck, the player can perform various actions such as combat, and one of Spider-Man's trademark abilities, web swinging. There are also certain mini-games tailored to the motion controls. This can range from disarming a bomb, to completing quick time events. The PlayStation Portable version is a full-on port of the PlayStation 2 version with an extra feature exclusive to the version known as "Conquest Mode": an extra mode where the player has to traverse the city and complete challenges such as combat tours, delivering items, and protecting civilians under a time limit. The more challenges are completed, the more hero points the player earns. Once time has elapsed, the score is calculated and the most recent save is loaded; the mission can be replayed any time to get a higher score. Conquest Mode can be exited with a visit to the Daily Bugle building in order to return to the main game. Conquest Mode can be accessed via the title screen or Scrapbook.

The game begins with a tutorial level where Spider-Man stops the H-Bombers from blowing up the Carlyle building. The following day, Spider-Man continues to fight crime in Manhattan, and battles each of the four warring gangs, making quick work of the Apocalypse, whose leader is defeated and arrested. That night, while Peter and Mary Jane are discussing their problems in Central Park, an alien symbiote inside a meteor crashes nearby and attaches itself to Peter's shoe. Elsewhere, Harry uses his father's performance-enhancing gas and Green Goblin technology to become the "New Goblin", and an escaped convict named Flint Marko becomes the Sandman after accidentally falling into an experimental particle accelerator that fuses his body with the surrounding sand.

Afterward, Spider-Man reconciles with Mary Jane, while Marko is reunited with his daughter, who was rescued by the police. He apologizes to Spider-Man and leaves peacefully. The game ends with Peter resuming his neverending battle against crime, while stating that the only way to honor and remember those he loves is by never giving up being Spider-Man.[2][3]


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