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Akkurat Typeface Buy

The typeface embodies both his creativity in creating a distinct layout, as well as his restraint and capability to keep away from the eye-getting extravagances that could save you typefaces from seeing extensive use. You can use it as design, writing, portfolio, product, agency, sans-serif, book, social, images and easy.

akkurat typeface buy

Below a list of some of my favorite type foundries I try to visit on a regular basis. It's important to mention that most of these type foundries create typefaces that just fit my personal taste. Further below at the end of the article I list a couple more resources and type foundries with more variety of typefaces. The ones I list at the top are specifically the ones I always loved the most.

Easily one of my favorites. I found their typeface Maison Neue a couple years ago, it was just released and no one was using it so I ended up applying it as my main typeface for everything related to my personal brand. You can see it in use on my business cards from early 2013.

Most of you probably know Lineto. We (when I used to work at Spotify) used Circular for the new Spotify re-branding and I personally love Akkurat, Brown and many more typefaces they published. As much as I love Lineto, you will have some difficulties getting the typefaces for your digital products since they only offer their fonts with a self-hosted license. (and Lineto is famous for being very expensive with those)

I think I own pretty much all typefaces from this little type foundry. The last project I did was the branding for Ada Blackjack where we used their typeface Euclid & Romain. You can see an example below.

I remember a couple years ago (actually, I think it was around 2005) I fell in love with their typeface T-Star and since then it has been one of my favorites which I used in many of my personal projects.

Not so much a type foundry but I fell in love with his Pano typeface. He also runs a small type foundry called Heavyweight on the side as much as I could find out. I try to check back every now and then and see if there is something new.

Another one of my highlights. Letters from Sweden, a small'ish type foundry based on Sweden and founded by Göran Söderström. Can't even decide which typeface is my favorite here, they're all wonderful and I'm about to buy pretty much all of them.

//EDIT: Another one that just came in via Twitter is Schick Toikka founded by German Designer Florian Schick and Helsinki based Designer Lauri Toikka. Especially loving the Noe Display typeface here. Thanks so much for the tip @ThibaudAllie

I hope you enjoy this list of type foundries and it helps you finding some of your new typefaces for your future projects. Also, I know it's sounds kinda unnecessary to say, but please support your favorite type designer. Don't share fonts illegally, especially if you do end up using them in commercial projects. Your type designers will thank you.

Choosing the right font is often one of the most important parts of the design process. A thoughtfully chosen typeface can be the foundation stone that makes a design come together, and give it that cool, contemporary look and feel, while still maintaining clarity and readability.

In this article, we look at 20 typefaces that are exciting creatives right now, from our students at Shillington to the wider creative industries, and which look likely to make a big impact in 2019. Some are brand new, others established classics, but all of them have the potential to make your design truly sing.

Based on a typeface originally commissioned for LA clothing brand Nasty Gal, Mabry takes inspiration from both 19th-century grotesques and early 20th-century geometric sans-serifs. The result is a pleasing hybrid that is at once both orderly and mischievous.

Designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper and released by the Barnhart Brothers & Spindler type foundry in 1922, Cooper is a truly classic typeface. Expanded by Bitstream into a complete series of round-edged text faces, this is a font whose popularity we foresee continuing strongly throughout 2019.

French typographer Lucas Le Bihan is known for going the extra mile to create truly breathtaking fonts, and Self Modern, released through his Bretagne foundry, is no exception. This beautiful serif typeface is available in text, regular and italic styles.

Akkurat typeface got too popularity. And many of the designers are using this sans serif typeface for the ongoing regular designing work approaches. File name Size Download; 1: Georgia Bold Italic font.ttf: 155.1KB: 2: georgia bold italic.ttf: 67.9KB: 3: Georgia Regular font.ttf: 139.6KB: 4: georgia italic.ttf: 66.6KB.

Hello Designers! Today we are happy to bring you an extraordinary smart typeface. A Swiss designer Laurenz Brunner took the charge for creating it for the first time. And Lineto type foundry releases it during the year 2004. This is Akkurat Font Family! From the time it got available for locals. Akkurat typeface got too popularity. And many of the designers are using this sans serif typeface for the ongoing regular designing work approaches.

Up here we are providing this font for free and it will just take a sec to have your designing typeface. We hope you will enjoy your journey with this fantastic typeface and keeps surprising your audiences or clients. Make sure to tell us about your experience with it in the comment section below. 041b061a72


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