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Totalement Nue Au Fest Fantasy

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Totalement Nue Au Fest Fantasy

-short films not more than 30 min-photo competition (nature,food,people,event,nude art, street, any artistic photo- script competition unproduced script short one to 5 pages long script 10 to 30 pages- music competition " original music content, duration 5 minutes max.-Old production competition films that were produced from 2000 to 2018 _, not recent production and must be first time to participate in the festival we will remove any film that took place with us before

You have an amazing festival and it was a real pleasure to share with you this beautiful moment !!!The whole Team of Tawny Eyes and specially myself, we will like to thank you for your Awards and I hope we will have the opportunity to share our projects in the future.

THE WORST FESTIVAL I'VE EVER SEEN Sorry to say but you are the unprofessionals here. I had several testimonies in my mails and by phone. I don't care about the refonds as i told you by mails, it's your attitude and the way you Exploit the creators ! A shame ! They use your material and make the creators pay for everything even a zoom session (23 Euros) never saw that in more than 200 sélections i had around the world. Le pire festival auquel j'ai participé et beaucoup des participants étaient du même avis que moi. Ils exploitent votre travail et vous le font payer une hallucination ! même un session zoom pour assister a la cérémonie ils te la font payer 23 Euros. Une honte totale ! Quand on paie des entries on joue le jeu et ca sert au festival pour son organisation on le sait bien. mais là.... Une belle arnaque ! Si vous n'avez pas les sponsors pour financer votre festival, ne le créez pas, et surtout ne pompez pas le fric des créateurs !!! A bon entendeurs !

we refund your money marc, we deleted your film from our festival as you didn't respect the rules of the festival and all the winners get the link for free and it was a choice for the rest of the filmmakers to take buy a ticket and we can share how unprofessional you are in the emails.we appreciate your talent, but not your behavior.

It is the worst ever festival I have been with. The man named, Mark, sent me and replied me wrongly for a week long. It drives me crazy. AFter all, he said, it was wrongly sent. Then, what he started to write to me is blaming with a kind of rude words. I will copy and paste here some of the emails as they are.

if you need more tickets for your fans\ audience they can book the audience tickets with a waiver code, just ask for it.Maggie the president of the festival bought 10 tickets for the producers, distributors to watch your films to help you to distribute them or sell them.

We have Press tickets " For the journalists, film critic, media"if you want access to one of the trusted journalists or tv hostslet me know and will send you a waiver code." They have the right to watch all the films and write articles or reviews but if they want a poster or any materials they have to ask the festival first or the producer or the director".

Please kindly see that he wrote to me that , "N.B you shouldn't do like this at any festival again as they will add you to the black list and this is not good for any filmmaker ." He means that I cheated him and teh festival. In fact, he tried to hide his fault that he wrongly sent me the mail for many times.He wrote the other two bad words too. If you are interested, let me know. I can share all the communication emails from the beginning to the end.Yes, it is the worst ever experience I have through Filmfreeway with La Femme. Otherwise, all other festivals I participated are great.I wrote here not to make their image down, but to let know all that the story can be upside down and could be flipped to hide the faults in order to blame the participants down. When I asked the responsible person's email to explain, he did not give me.

yes, you are a writer who submit her script in the unproduced script competition, kept attacking us to screen your film, if you received an email about the film and submit a script. how come you expect any festival to screen it, anyway we reported this issue to filmfreeway as we found it not your first time to attack the festival to get an award or to be part of the festival, @filmfreeway used to have professional filmmakers. we used to have these kinds of problems, from amateurs. so we hope filmfreeway be more concerned as it was

Led by an all-Black woman team, Interfest (Kristen Adele Calhoun and Nikki Vera) will curate BLKSPACE: two consecutive, weeklong residencies for Black creatives to use the full resources of SPACE on Ryder Farm however they see fit. To create a welcoming environment for residents, each week will feature an entirely Black residency staff and curated visual art throughout the living and working spaces. BLKSPACE seeks to simultaneously provide an expansive dreaming space for the individual and a collective practice ground for Black liberation.

This exhibition continues to be our most popular visual arts exhibit bringing artists from across the nation to celebrate the Crow. Having taken on mythological importance, Crows appear in all parts of the world. In folklore, they may foreshadow tragedy or usher in the good news. The reality is a highly intelligent bird capable of social interactions. In recent years, the crow has become a muse to many artists. This annual exhibition seeks to represent the many faces of the Crow in reality and fantasy. Show us what the Crow means to you [Creative interpretations of all blackbirds, ravens, and other Corvus species are acceptable].

As Love is one of the pillars to experiencing art, we invite you to share your visual messages of love and affection in Valentine 2022; an annual festival to celebrate love, friendship, and admiration.

In the spirit of empowering visual artists to showcase their prominent arts worldwide, the Spring 2022 festival invites all artists to submit their best artworks in various subjects from anywhere in the world and be part of the 8th edition of the international online sales exhibition by Exhibizone.

Open to ALL CULTURES AND NATIONALITIES! World of Art is a festival held in the famous Piedmont Park. Highlighting cultural arts, music and food. Art By Atlanta is seeking artist that have original work. The category is open to all mediums.

For Nudus 2022, we are looking for nude figures as a manifestation of the body, the unveiling essence of the true human being, an identity of body and soul, which along with the appearance, leads to the truth within.

Inspired by Gustave Flaubert's famous quoteو for MAGIX 2022, we invite artists to tell their visual story of dreamy landscapes, fantasy characters, illusive creatures, futuristic images, sci-fi societies, horror imaginations, magical worlds, optical illusions, and abstract play of colors and lines.

SWELL is a ten-day manifestation of conceptions and visual commentary presenting small, medium, and large-scale sculpture installations, and digital works, workshops and activations as a FREE outdoor gallery at Currumbin Beach, September 9-18.

The Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP) will host its second CAMPGround festival from March 16 to 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida. CAMP welcomes compositions in any style, performance, and aesthetic. Selected works will be performed by CAMP performing artists and ensembles.

As part of this years festival, CAMP is happy to be organizing an immersive installation opportunity, set to be displayed at the Tempus Projects in Tampa, FL. CAMP is looking for proposals of installations of any theme or concept. Proposals should succinctly describe the intent of the installation and describe it as completely as possible. They should also delineate all materials required for the production of the installation. Featured CAMP performers are available to play any music required for the installation.

CURRENTS New Media is now accepting submissions for the 2023 art and technology festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. URRENTS New Media fosters new media arts and supports artists in creating innovative work. The annual festival, educational programs, and exhibition space give the public year-round access to immersive and expansive art experiences.

The Winter Park Paint Out is one of the oldest plein air festivals in the state of Florida. During its 14 year history, 90 different artists have created over 3500 original paintings capturing the beauty and charm of our unique Central Florida community. Of those paintings, approximately 1250 have been purchased by our patrons, sponsors and supporters for a cumulative sales total of approximately $1,000,000.

The first season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones premiered on HBO on April 17, 2011, in the U.S. and concluded on June 19, 2011. It consists of ten episodes, each of approximately 55 minutes. The series is based on A Game of Thrones, the first novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, adapted for television by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

The story takes place in a fantasy world, primarily upon the continent Westeros, with one storyline occurring on another continent to the east, Essos. Like the novel, the season initially focuses on the family of nobleman Eddard "Ned" Stark, the Warden of the North, who is asked to become the King's Hand (chief advisor) to his longtime friend, King Robert Baratheon. Ned seeks to find out who murdered his predecessor, Jon Arryn. He uncovers dark secrets about the powerful Lannister family, which includes Robert's queen, Cersei, that his predecessor died trying to expose. This leads, after Robert's death, to Ned's arrest for treason. Ned's eldest son, Robb, begins a rebellion against the Lannisters. Ned is killed at the order of Cersei's tyrannical teenage son, King Joffrey Baratheon. Meanwhile, in Essos, the exiled Viserys Targaryen, son of the former king, forces his sister Daenerys to marry a Dothraki warlord in exchange for an army to pursue his claim to the Iron Throne. The season ends with Viserys dead and Daenerys becoming the Mother of Dragons. 350c69d7ab


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