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Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother __HOT__

The term tiger mom or tiger mother has been used as a neologism used to describe a tough, disciplinarian mother[31] due to the way Amy Chua describes bringing up her children in the strict, traditional Chinese way.[4][9][10][11][12][15]

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother


In a speech in January 2016, British Prime Minister David Cameron praised "tiger mums" as he laid out his strategy for tackling child poverty in the United Kingdom.[32] In a speech he stated, "No matter how clever you are, if you do not believe in continued hard work and concentration, and if you do not believe that you can return from failure, you will not fulfill your potential. It is what the Tiger Mothers' battle hymn is all about: work, try hard, believe you can succeed, get up and try again."[33] The Prime Minister also criticized schools that have a culture where all children are rewarded prizes and insisted that "children thrive on high expectations."[32]

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