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Elaboration Likelihood Theory Pdf Download

To further understand this question, our study applies the elaboration likelihood model (ELM) to examine how the MHI might be made to persuade users to change their attitudes and health behaviors. The ELM is often used to explain how different processing conditions influence the persuasion routes (central cues vs. peripheral cues) by which individuals come to change their attitudes and behaviors (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986). The central cues are mainly about the quality or relevance of arguments around an issue or a target, and the peripheral cues are derived from the identification with the sources (Bhattacherjee & Sanford, 2006). Given the strength of dual modes of persuasion, ELM has been widely used in the adoption and usage of M-Health technology or services (Guo et al., 2020; Cao et al., 2020), however, how different mechanisms can be used to make MHI more persuasive has received minimal attention.

elaboration likelihood theory pdf download


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