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Lincoln Bell
Lincoln Bell

PCAN-Explorer 6 - Extend Your Functionality with Add-ins such as Plotter, Database Importer, J1939 Add-in, etc.

a new feature of pcan-explorer 6 is the integration of an enhanced the trace function. in addition to recording the can data traffic it is now possible to also play back existing traces. with the help of user defined message filters both recorded and incoming can message streams can be reduced to a desired data portion. implementation of special application requirements as well as automation of complex processes is enabled by the use of macros. the sophisticated implementation of vbscript accesses the extensive object model of pcan-explorer 6. furthermore, the functionality of pcan-explorer 6 can be extended by a range of available add-ins. these add-ins provide additional opportunities to analyze, interpret and influence can data. for example, the plotter add-in produces a graphical representation of the signals time course during live recording or on the basis of traces. the instruments panel add-in is used to select and arrange various display elements, controls, and switches. further add-ins enable the import of third-party configurations based on the candb format and add the support for the j1939 protocol.

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pcan-explorer can be used to monitor all connections within a can network: in this way, it is possible to determine whether the detected network and connections are free of defects and faults. pcan-explorer can be used to collect data traffic from any active connection. pcan-explorer is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used for simulation, control, and analysis. it is the ideal tool for determining the quality of an entire can network. besides an excellent gui, pcan-explorer also offers functions such as copy/paste and copy/edit functionality. in addition to the data log, the debug function allows you to observe messages and signals as they are transmitted on the bus. a special graphical interface provides a simple and intuitive way to identify faulty messages and use this information to correct the can network. in addition to this, pcan-explorer has a comprehensive communication interface which allows for a number of configurations. pcan-explorer is the ideal tool for all monitoring tasks: it is also suitable for quick deployment in industrial applications.


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