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Welcome to another cracking article. It has been a few weeks since the lasttime I wrote an article, so time for a good catch up with you all. We have been very busy the past fortnight and have had some cracking sessions around the lake. The eels have really taken over now with plenty of barramundi and bream caught. There has been plenty of other fish being caught on lures as well, so dont forget to pull out your soft plastics and soften them up. The way to guarantee catching the fish in the middle of the day is to bait up fished first, then be patient and wait. Once that takes effect the other fish are going to come out and play. Once the sun starts to go down the eels move down from the tributaries and the bite stops and you are going to catch a lot of fish around the eels. Quality time spent with family and friends is also a great way to bust a few balls.


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