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Pamphobeteus Platyomma Buy Fix

Due to their size adult Pamphobeteus spec. "platyomma" need a terrarium with a floor space of at least 50 x 40 cm.Temperature during the day 23 to 26 C, night setback of a few degrees is advantageous.Furnishings: fill in burrowable soil high enough to allow the animals to make a burrow. Always keep slightly moist. Offer half-buried cork cave as shelter.Planting with small climbing plants, ground covers, ferns and/or other moisture-loving plants is possible.

pamphobeteus platyomma buy

this striking black and gunmetal blue tarantula is found in the rainforests of peru and bolivia, originally discovered in madre de dios. temperatures often reach 30C so the species often shelters beneath leaves, tree trunks and branches, or digs burrows up to 1.5m deep. compared to others in the typically skittish pamphobeteus genus, the bolivian blue leg is said to be more docile. 041b061a72


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