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Audio Dedupe.full.rar PATCHED

This feature is called "speedup" or "put by hash". It is especially efficientin case of generally available files like popular books, video or audio clips,because files are searched by hash in all accounts of all mailru users.It is meaningless and ineffective if source file is unique or encrypted.Please note that rclone may need local memory and disk space to calculatecontent hash in advance and decide whether full upload is required.Also, if rclone does not know file size in advance (e.g. in case ofstreaming or partial uploads), it will not even try this optimization.

Audio Dedupe.full.rar

With one of the best interfaces i have seen for duplicate finders and removers, this tool includes a preview area where you can view or play (text files, audio etc.) files before delete them. Another advantage is that you can search by similarity, so this program not only detects duplicates, but also identify similar files by a degree that you choose.


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