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M Facebook Create An Account

Review Your Ad Account RolesOnce you have been creating ads for a while, you may wish to collaborate with another person, such as a freelancer, an ad agency or an employee. This is where roles come into play. If you want to add new users and admins to your Facebook advertising account, navigate to the Ad Accounts tab in the Ad Account Settings page.

m facebook create an account

This adds a person to your entire Meta Business Suite account, not only your Facebook Page. This is helpful to give your staff access to all your Meta assets, including Facebook and Instagram profiles, analytics, ads account, and more.

Creator Studio allows Page managers to create and schedule content and view analytics, either on the web or via mobile app. It includes the ability to go Live on your Page or post across multiple Facebook Pages simultaneously.

You can create ads on Facebook and Instagram by Meta to help promote your products and draw traffic to your website. For ad creation across the Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network, use Meta's Ads Manager.

When you set up Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you authorize the app to access a Facebook Page for your business as well as a Facebook ad account and Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is a tool that you can use to organize and manage all of your Facebook business accounts, like your Pages and ad accounts. The Facebook Page might connect to your personal Facebook account, but Shopify uses your personal Facebook account information only to access the Facebook Page, Ads Manager account, and Facebook Business Manager for pixel tracking purposes.

If your Facebook account has an administrator or editor role on a Facebook page, then you can post, comment, and message as the page without customers seeing personal information. Learn more about Facebook Page roles.

If you have a personal ad account, then you need to connect it to a Business Manager. If you've never run ads with your personal ad account, then you need to create a new ad account inside Business Manager before you can create Facebook ad campaigns. Learn more about Business Manager and ad accounts from the Facebook Ads Help Center.

On Facebook, you need an admin role for a Page and Business Manager before you can access all of Facebook's settings and make certain changes. Pages and Business Managers have separate account permissions, which means that you need admin roles for each one. The Business Manager that you select in Facebook and Instagram by Meta must be the owner of the Facebook page during onboarding. If the Facebook Page is owned by a different Business Manager, then the Facebook Page isn't listed as an option to connect. If you can't connect a desired Facebook Page, then check that the Facebook Business Manager you are connecting owns the Facebook page, or try connecting a different Business Manager.

Each method has varying accuracy, and which one you should choose depends on the access you have (whether you can or cannot access your Facebook account). Read on to find out how to check your Facebook account creation date.

When you sign up for an account on Facebook, the site sends you a confirmation as well as a welcome email. If you have access to the email account you used to make the Facebook account, you can find the welcome email and that should tell you your join date.

This is the best method if you no longer have access to your Facebook account, or you recently created your account and so the welcome email is easily accessible. But if you regularly delete your emails, you won't be able to check your Facebook account creation date via this method.

Another way to find out when you created your Facebook account is by checking your oldest posts. This might sound daunting if you regularly post on Facebook, but it isn't. You can easily find old posts on your Facebook timeline without the endless scrolling. You don't need a third-party app; you can do it all by using the built-in search functionality leveraging our Facebook search tips.

However, like the previous method, the date of your first post might not be the exact day you created your Facebook account. Also, if you regularly delete your Facebook posts, this method will not help.

As mentioned above, Business Manager and Business Suite are now merged into one. When you create a Business Manager Account, you will be brought into the Meta Business Suite interface. You can access the old Business Manager interface (by clicking Help > Switch to Business Suite) but your best bet is to get familiar with Business Suite since this is here to stay.

For effective Facebook advertising, your Facebook Ads account structure should resemble a typical marketing funnel, with upper funnel campaigns devoted to prospecting, mid-funnel campaigns devoted to Facebook lookalike audiences and other audiences with mid-tier granularity, and lower-funnel campaigns devoted to highly refined Facebook remarketing audiences.

Choose a page username by clicking Create @username under your cover photo and page name. This username will become the web address for your business page (e.g.

While the process is called a conversion, it actually copies your personal profile to a page. Your personal profile will remain intact and a new page based on that profile will be created. You can update the newly created page as you would a page created from scratch.

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with a billion active users worldwide. Businesses can establish a Facebook presence and reach this huge market at no cost simply by setting up a Facebook page to promote the business. The first step is to open an account on Facebook. There are only a few simple requirements to sign up for a Facebook account.

Facebook requires all users to supply their birth dates and does not allow people under 13 years old to sign up for an account. Facebook routinely removes the accounts for underage users when it identifies them. In March of 2011, Facebook claimed to be removing the accounts of 20,000 underage users per day. Businesses advertising or promoting adult products such as alcohol need to be aware that there are legitimate Facebook users below the legal age for their products and follow Facebook guidelines respecting the presence of younger users.

Unlike many online services, Facebook does not use or allow made-up user names. You are required to register using your real name. A real name is the name you usually go by, not necessarily your full legal name. As with birth dates, users do sign up using false names, but Facebook uses a variety of techniques to detect false names and routinely purges these accounts.

After the user account is created, users can add alternate names to indicate a previous surname, a nickname or a professional name. After a person creates a personal user account, he can create a Facebook page for his business or other organization with any name that he feels represents his business, provided it is available on the site.

In addition to a birth date indicating the user is over 13 and a real name, users must supply their sex and email addresses. The account must be confirmed by email within three days, and for full access to all features, a mobile phone number is required. A mobile phone number is mandatory if you sign up from a mobile device.

The Facebook account requires a password. To protect the security of the Facebook account, including any associated business Facebook pages, the password should be unique to your Facebook account and difficult to guess. Your Facebook account may include information such as your profession, favorite films and pets' names, so the password should not be based on anything that can be determined from your account. The password must be at least six characters and should be a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation.

Go to the Facebook home page. The home page includes a form to enter all the requirements: first name, last name, email and password. Select the appropriate sex and birth date information. Confirm the account by responding to the confirmation email within three days.

After the account is created, take some time to read the privacy policies and understand the various privacy options and settings for your profile. Some users find the default privacy settings share too much information. Users can partially or completely restrict the visibility of their birth date, email address and sex. Before creating a Facebook page for a business or organization, review other pages to consider what sort of information is available, posts that are made on behalf of the business and comments users make on other business pages. Business pages are open to the public and have different -- more limited -- privacy options than found on personal accounts.

To enable sign-in for users with a Facebook account in Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C), you need to create an application in Facebook App Dashboard. For more information, see App Development.

If you don't already have a Facebook account, sign up at After you sign-up or sign-in with your Facebook account, start the Facebook developer account registration process. For more information, see Register as a Facebook Developer.

Hello. I just sent an email. My name is Scott Viehbeck. I asked question about setting up author page.I now realized that the website category was to create my Facebook author page. I thought it was for setting up another website.Thank you for you help before.Oh technology! What an experience

Hey Marya! You should be able to see the pages you have created or have access to on the right side of your newsfeed. If you only see a single page listed, you may need to click the three dots next to it to see the others.

Hi, I am a co-author of a book and would like to add a FB author page. Will my co-author have admin access if the author page is attached to my personal FB account?If not, should we form a new FB account and an author page from there? Thanks


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