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Lincoln Bell
Lincoln Bell

Pcmate Platinum Software

MSI motherboards include RAMDisk, allowing you to create a virtual drive from your system RAM memory. Instantly load your software, speed up your browser or your page file to significantly speed up your system!

pcmate platinum software

Download Zip:

The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) enhances security above and beyond the capabilities of consumer software, which is also used to keep your PC running well. MSI TPM2.0 Module enables a deeper and broader level of security coverage.

Try printing a test page. Open your native printer software or Printer properties and find a Print Test Page button. Wait for the printer to finish its adjustment and then print off a test page.

If all these methods fail, you might need to unplug your printer and completely uninstall all native printer software and drivers. After that, make a "clean" install of the latest version of your printer software and drivers (specifically for your model). You'll find the necessary software in the "Software and Driver Downloads" or a similar section of your printer manufacturer's official site.

One of the reasons is that when Windows starts, it checks if the digital certificates of EXE and DLL files were revoked or not and tries to verify them via the Internet. On some computers, this can cause a 30-second delay at program startup. Another reason is Microsoft services or antivirus's scanner checking the software's internal files, its signatures or certificates. This results in longer processing of each file. See Solution 1.

Contact your IT or security department and ask them to whitelist all EXE and DLL files from the Print Conductor folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Conductor" by default). Adding them to a list of "trusted files" can speed up the batch processing. This solution can be applied if you have the described issue with Print Conductor, 2Printer, or another software product by fCoder.

If PDF printing is slow, please install Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 12 or higher). Please note that the full version is required, not Acrobat Reader. Installing Acrobat will let Print Conductor use Adobe Acrobat's API for developers for PDF files' printing automation. You can check which additional software is installed by clicking the question mark icon:

In Print Conductor Advanced Settings, specify the folder with SHX fonts. Such fonts are included with Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk DWG TrueView, eDrawings Viewer, SolidWorks, and similar programs. Depending on the CAD software you use, you may find them in folders: 350c69d7ab


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