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Slayer Tycoon

In Demon Blade Tycoon, the players have the choice to be a slayer or a demon, both of which have a wide range of abilities and gear to unlock as they progress. Needless to say, the paths for both classes will take time and effort to master.

Slayer Tycoon


Once gamers have chosen a class, the next step is to start and build a tycoon empire. They should try to become the best base holder on their server. Along the way, players will be upgrading skills and learning new ones to become stronger.

As players acquire more cash over time, they can purchase weapons and upgrade their characters to fight against others in the game. The main motto of Demon Blade Tycoon is to become the most powerful demon or slayer by dominating with various weapons and abilities.

As a tycoon and simulator game, it quickly becomes obvious that you need to get as many resources as you can, whether those resources are materials or in-game money. To help you get as many of these resources as fast as possible, we have provided the codes list below. When redeemed in the game, these codes can quickly get you the cash you need to buy that next upgrade your base, or even help your character progress!

Demon Slayer is a series that features a never-ending conflict between demons and humans that has been going on for multiple centuries. Within the anime, there are a collection of battles in which both sides have employed powerful techniques to gain the upper hand. While the demon slayers who represent the humans make use of Breathing Styles, powerful demons employ their special abilities called Blood Demon Arts.

During his battle with the demon slayers on the Infinity Train, the demon Enmu wasted no time displaying the strength of his Demon Art, Dream Manipulation. With this Demon Art, he can manipulate his opponents' dreams after putting them to sleep using his primary Demon Art, Sleep Inducement.

Published by Zireael, Demon Blade Tycoon is a Roblox game where players get to play as slayers or demons and build the base, get powerful, unlock abilities, build tycoon, buy the abilities, and defeat the bosses. 041b061a72


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