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SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now does offer a flexible enablement solution to support ERP end user training for both SAP and non-SAP systems. Where clients decide it is right for them, Optimum will readily use the tool to produce their training documents.

SAP Enable Now


Designed for those working with SAP software, SAP Learning Hub enables you to build and maintain SAP solution skills for any role with online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led learning across the SAP solution portfolio.

The easy access to learning content directly within many SAP applications is powerful enabler and includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, as well as digital supply chain, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Concur, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud solutions, among others. These applications include embedded and customizable content provided by SAP and translated into the language of choice, which delivers time-of-need learning to help people develop the skills they need to do their jobs effectively.

Language is key to adoption of any software. With SAP Enable Now, end users can consume enablement content in more than 40 languages powered by machine learning with integrated SAP Translation Hub. The solution also offers the ability to export learning content in formats compatible with most learning management systems. It also supports change management with content lifecycle management as well as automated translation and maintenance of content services. For instance, partners can customize SAP-provided content or can create pre-build based on industry and solution best practices and offer enablement as a service. Businesses to scale with their partners through the powerful authoring suite for creating e-learning courses, software tutorials, and help documents, as well as flexible, template-based content production.

SAP Enable Now also has an existing integration with Signavio that can be used to support the development of content for BPI initiatives. This information can then be repurposed and deployed, through multiple channels, as a key resource to train and support end users. The process to enable sharing of information between Signavio and SAP Enable Now is:

Without doubt, customers attempting to transform into intelligent enterprises must have a significant focus of BPI. A focus on BPI enables customers to re-imagine their business operations and go to market, supported by the new intelligent technologies from SAP.

SAP Enable Now is the leading knowledge content management solution by SAP, supporting the entire extended workforce by providing fast and efficient production of enablement materials: formal, informal and on-the-job support- unleashing the full knowledge and productivity of all employees and increasing the potential ROI for the entire IT landscape.

If you have an SAP Enable Now license, you can enable it for use in your SAP SuccessFactors system using the Web Assistant Settings tool available in the Admin Center. By configuring the settings to use your SAP Enable Now server and work area ID, you can create context-sensitive help and learning content for your users.

SAP Enable Now is a software application which enables users to develop, manage and deliver training materials. It can be instructor-led training, 24/7 online support and interactive e-learning. In other words, Sap Enable Now provides contextual learning plus online performance support.

Using this, you can create, maintain and deliver learning materials and documentation content, which are directly integrated within a user task application. These enablement contents are categorised into three different types as follows:

Companies invest billions of dollars in the modernization of the way they function. Yet the end-users that use these applications remain drowned in technology. Ironically it is a technology that can help employees overcome tech fatigue and work more efficiently. The steep learning curve that ERPs require is easily addressed by Digital Adoption Platforms. As a Digital Adoption Platform SAP Enable Now offers training automation, tips, guidance on how to work on Enterprise Resource Planning Software. While there are plenty of Digital Adoption Platforms that offer Training and Development Solutions to organizations, SAP Enable Now features and benefits that not only outclass its competitors but also outgun them completely. SAP Enable Now has been the key to success for Digital Transformation Success for most companies. Here is a list that will help you understand how SAP Enable Now trounces its competitors from the get-go. Training Focus Better Guidance Contextual Learning Simplified Content Creation Easy Content Management Rapid Scalability Robust Support Recommendations Versatile Integrations Comprehensive Analytics 1. Better Training Focus SAP Enable Now and many of its competitors focus on intuitive learning at an enterprise level, where SAP Enable Now leaves its competition behind is it allows to focus beyond the initial onboarding process. It has options to enable skill development of Employees which Digital Adoption Platforms like AppLearn lacks. Be it, remote workers or regular employees SAP Enable Now provides comprehensive employee development solutions that help upskill or reskill with a personalized focus. It lets you create learning content and add versatile instructional elements that solely focus on Soft Skills Training and enhance the overall learning experience. 2.Guidance SAP Enable Now provides guided support to learners with Desktop Assistant. Guided Tours for applications and processes help end-users learn at a rapid pace. The Desktop Assistant helps capture and share knowledge within the interface ensuring a better understanding of content categories and content. 3. Contextual Learning While the Desktop Assistant helps users understand the content and learn better, Web Assistant helps understand the applications in real-time. Users can get context-sensitive in-app help while using SAP S/4HANA. It allows users to get real-time guided tours and contextual help. 4. Simplified Content Creation SAP Enable Now offers better content creation flexibility than most other DAPs like AppLearn, Apty, UserLearn, etc. For many use cases, SAP Enable Now offers a simplified user interface for Producers. Author new training content within the web-based editor and various types of content with SAP Enable Now easily. Side decks with subtitles that support text-to-speech audio, mobile-friendly guides, and quizzes that support knowledge retention are some of the different types of learning content creators can author. Creators can also enable access to content with the QR code generator on mobile devices. It also allows creators to select only the required text fragments for simulations and highlight only the relevant click area through the simulation focus layer. 5. Easy Content Management SEN helps manage content libraries in one centralized location and also view reports of the Desktop Assistant usage. It can be easily integrated with SAP Solution Manager to create a searchable index of objects from all projects and also add more training content It also helps simplify access to the library preview from a selected group 6. Scalability While most DAPs cannot be scaled with the organization, SAP Enable Now can support Enterprise-level scalability. As an internal authoring tool and content management platform, SAP Enable Now can handle different teams across demographics and verticals with ease. 7. Support SAP Enable Now is backed by a huge support system that remains unparalleled. It helps increase productivity with a high-performing and confident workforce equipped with the latest software knowledge that keeps pace with the world of 90-day software release cycles. Get Email as well as online Chat Support from a team that has superior knowledge of the SAP ecosystem. 8. Recommendations With SAP Enable Now you can get recommendations for improving the end-user experience based on how people interact with your product. 9. Integrations Unlike most perceptions that SAP Enable Now only supports the SAP ecosystem, it can be used in other ERP software as well. 10. Better Analytics Leverage usage analytics to see where people are encountering issues while using the product with SAP Enable Now. Get reports for context help visits to know how often the tiles for a specific context were opened, and by how many users. This lets you find out objects or topics that require high or low support. Analyze the number of engaged unique users to get an overview of how many users access the content of a specific work area. This helps determine how many users consume the content over a defined time. Conclusion SAP Enable Now is the go-to choice for most enterprises that want to succeed in their Learning & Development efforts for its flexibility and versatility. We at Cassini, help companies formulate and implement Learning & Development plans that are not only easy to adopt but also highly effective. Talk to us today. 041b061a72


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