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How Do I Make A Facebook Page For My Restaurant

It is good to mention that a Facebook business page for a restaurant is a different type of page than your personal profile. To publish our ordering button you need to have administration rights on the Facebook page of that restaurant.

how do i make a facebook page for my restaurant

To publish the online ordering button you need to have administration rights on the Facebook page of that restaurant. if you do not have administration rights ask someone that is already administrator to grant you such rights.

Since its introduction to the general public in 2006, Facebook has grown to become one of the Top 10 visited websites in the entire world. Businesses quickly saw the advantage of having a presence on Facebook, and the company stepped up to meet the demand by creating Facebook Pages. A Facebook Page allows a local business, such as a restaurant, to have a niche on the popular social networking site. Setting up a Facebook page for a restaurant is simple and, best of all, free.

While creating a Facebook page for your restaurant is pretty simple, if you want to really have success with it, you are going to want to make it pop. The more appealing, the more engaging and the more relevant your page is, the more success you are going to have.

There are countless restaurants with Facebook pages; however, the restaurants that have the best pages have gotten their social media marketing strategy down to a science. What do the best restaurant Facebook pages include? They feature a nice blend of the following:

Their images are bright and colorful and relate directly to their restaurant. They post updates about their menu, show pictures of their menu items and include information about special events and offers. They also make it super easy to access their website, where customers can place their orders directly online. Their page has a good number of likes, which is not bad for a small restaurant in a small Montana town.

Each day, they post a listing of their specials, which allows their followers to easily see what is on the menu and immediately grabs their attention. They also discuss special events and showcase photos of not only the restaurant, but also of the customers, which helps followers relate to the business and really connect with them. Oh, and customers have the ability to place their orders online right from their page!

Every restaurant is different. A restaurant marketing plan or restaurant social media plan that works for you may not work for everyone. However, each of these steps will help you build a framework to increase your fans engagement and conversions with your restaurant facebook page.

Now that you can tag a business on Facebook, make sure you follow proper etiquette and best practices when engaging with other pages and people. Here are some ways to get the most out of your tagging.

Don't expect your page posts on your restaurant's Facebook page to drive results. Almost nobody sees those posts as Facebook has reduced your exposure from page posts to low single digits of your page's fan base (i.e. 2% - 4%) of your fan base.

In addition, running ads on Facebook is a very different skill set than posting content on your page. Facebook has one of the most robust advertising platforms which means there are many levers, options, steps, and decisions that you need to take to set up a winning restaurant ad campaign.

You can choose to run your ads only on Instagram, however, anytime we have forced the ads to show only on Instagram the results are far more expensive. Unless you have a very good reason to force your restaurant ads to show on Instagram, the best option is to let Facebook's algorithm make choice.

Do you also offer catering? Maybe you do corporate events, parties, and more. Promoting this aspect of your restaurant is also possible. Below we selected for anyone that had an executive assistant-like job title to promote the catering services. Ideally you would drive this traffic to a landing page on your website that was all about your catering services with pricing and testimonials and images of what you offer.

One fine dining restaurant marketing idea is to consider signing up for Open Table. Open Table is an online reservation tool that lets customers book reservations for your establishment online! Patrons love it when you make life a bit easier for them, and Open Table already has a base of loyal customers you can tap into.

Among all purchases made at local businesses, 70% can be traced back to social media, which means your restaurant needs to have a Facebook page if you want to show up where your customers are searching and outperform your competitors.

Make sure guests land directly on the page where they can make reservations. For example, your dedicated reservations page or the page with the reservations widget. That way you avoid losing them in the reservation process.

If your restaurant has several branches from the commercial administrator you can add locations manually or migrate an existing page. It is important to register all your branches since the facebook places tools will recommend your restaurant to people within the same area.

Does everyone recommend that you should add regular posts on the Facebook page of your restaurant? But nobody tells you what should be published, right? Restaurant online marketing requires that a Facebook page is updated at least three times a week. Check our restaurant facebook post ideas.

If your restaurant is described in an industry-specific magazine, on a website of a famous blogger or in the social media of a popular influencer, you can certainly brag about it. Share such information on your page and appreciate those reviews.

Someone said something nice about your restaurant online? Share this opinion with others! This restaurant facebook post ideas, can develop a database of reviews on your Facebook page presented in an interesting format. Again, by restaurant facebook post ideas, you will be showing people that you are a trustworthy restaurant.

Facebook is all about connecting with people. Anyone and everyone is now using it to share their daily updates and news. All businesses are actively using it to market their business and attract more customers. For some, it is working well, and for some, it is not but how do you know what works. The key to using Facebook marketing for restaurants does not mean just having a Facebook page; it is more about what and when you update to attract more attention. Find out how to use other Social Media Platforms for your restaurant marketing here.

Considering that the number of average Daily Active Users on Facebook was 1.4 billion in December 2017 and steadily sees a growth of 14% year over year, it only makes sense to promote your restaurant on Facebook.

You should use Facebook ads if you are going to use Facebook for restaurant marketing. Make sure you make most of the amount you spend on Facebook ads. Reach out to Facebookers who are in your geographic location by geotagging your ad. Not only that, Facebook gives you the provision of targeting a particular audience which makes it easier for you to reach the right set of people who would like to visit your restaurant.

Videos are a very engaging and attractive medium that has gained much popularity lately. Add behind the scenes videos of a dish being prepared or maybe a video of an event that happened at your restaurant. You can also upload a video of showcasing a recipe of your signature dish or any other food-related information or maybe information about the cuisine you are serving. While doing so, make sure the videos you upload are not too long as people do not tend to have a very long attention span.

Ultimately, social media has to drive more customers for it to be worth your effort. But it goes deeper than simply posting some stuff now and then. Here are some benefits that make social media a good idea for restaurants who are ready to invest time (and sometimes money) into it:

Everywhere I go, I hear that people are pretty confused about the differences between Facebook profiles, pages and groups, and which one is appropriate for their organization or business. This week, Facebook has rolled out yet ANOTHER type of page, the Community Page, which makes things even more confusing!

Once you have this personal profile created, you need to make yourself an admin on your page again. So have the other person (the one you made an admin on the page) login and add you as an administrator. Now you should be able to go back to and select the user name for your PAGE this time.

Regular feed: The mother of all Social Media Platforms and somehow still relevant. As mentioned above, your Facebook account can have many different roles. It can be your announcement channel, your second customer service, your information page or all of the above. You can post competitions, special offers, pictures and stories from the restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Connecting: Your restaurant is a business and using this platform to connect with your professional network can strengthen your brand. Furthermore, giving your employees a place to connect to on Linkedin can strengthen your internal community and make your brand visible throughout their network.

When deciding where to eat out, most customers consult online reviews to make the right choice for their needs. Online reviews are a powerful outlet for customers to voice their opinions on the restaurants they've eaten at. According to various studies, up to 84 percent of consumers trust reviews written by other customers just as much as they trust their own friends. Not only does this illustrate just how seriously people take online reviews, but it also shows how a well-written review can make a meaningful difference in the success of your restaurant business.

A strong social media presence for your restaurant is essential to building a following online. Some popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, are also hotspots for online reviews. Once you make yourself known on these websites, you'll be one step closer to obtaining reviews from your loyalest customers.


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