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A few hours after the boy died, police posted a video of an older model Ford Explorer, two tone, green over gold color, that was driving past a home with a security camera. They asked anyone who recognizes the vehicle or who has information about who owns it or its whereabouts to call police at 801-799-3000.

GCC 4.7 has added in two additional AVX vector conversion instructions (exposed via the "-mf16c" option) and support for the Intel rdrnd instruction (via "-mrdrnd"). The Intel rdrand is an x86 instruction for returning random numbers from a random number generator built into the processor itself. The Ivy Bridge optimizations within GCC can be tapped via the "core-avx-i" model (there's an "-i" prefix compared to the Sandy Bridge "core-avx" mode) for the march/mtune options. This hardware random number generator, which is codenamed "Bull Mountain", is one of the new additions to the Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs that GCC 4.7 will support. The Ivy Bridge optimizations also add in FSGSBASE and F16C instruction support.

There used to be 6 thermisters on a Tesla Model 3 BMS (the older model that Sandy Munro tore down) that Tesla later on reduced to only 2 for the Model Y and 2 sensors is what Tesla continued with the new Model S/X refresh. Each BMS is connected through 22 connectors connected to each row of cells in a battery module (see Fig 5 below).

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In Brazil, we see President Cardoso doing this, and we saw it I think vividly illustrated at the school today, which not only is a school, not only teaches sports, not only is a health clinic for the community, not only is a vocational training program for people in the community, it is a model of how to achieve upward mobility in an economy like Brazil that is growing at a very rapid rate. And this has been an important value of President Cardoso.

You know, Willie Sutton said, that's why he went into banks. We have a mature market -- we have to expand, we have to grow. But we can't turn our backs on the people in the United States who, for example, in poor, urban communities are not in the economy and don't feel the effects of the economy. And that's why technology is such a liberating, empowering force that the President and the Vice President pushed so hard, because it does connect a lot of people who are disconnected from a thriving -- the most thriving economy in the world to that economy and creates opportunity for them.

Q: Sandy, historically South America has been a place where the affluent have been insensitive to the needs of the poor. What's the evidence that that's changing? And the President said there has got to be a development of the middle class. How much of a middle class does Brazil have? Most of us probably aren't familiar with it. And also, since the United States under even this economy is having greater disparities of wealth and income, how can we hold that up as a model here? The U.S. economy is having greater inequalities of wealth, is it not?

MR. BERGER: -- 13 million have moved up above the poverty line. There still is enormous poverty here. We saw it. And one of the reasons the President wanted to go to the school was not only to speak to a model school, but also to reflect the fact that all of the problems have not been solved, by any means, in South America. But I think you have a leadership now dedicated to economic programs that are creating wealth, growth and jobs. And I think that that's demonstrable.

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The ammonium sulphate deposited in forest ecosystems in the Netherlands as a result of air pollution currently exceeds 80 kg N ha -1yr -1locally. To study the influence of this air pollution on fine root density and its dynamics, fine root growth was monitored for three years in two young mature stands of Douglas-fir on sandy soils in the central part of the Netherlands in the ACIFORN project (ACIdification of FORests in the Netherlands). In the drier site the fine root density in early summer was higher and more strongly reduced after a dry spring than at the more favourable site. The fine root density appeared to depend on the proximity of the tree stems in the stand. In normal years, the main peak of fine root growth occurred in spring, with less growth during summer. After a dry spring, fine root growth on the drier site reacted strongly to periods with rain in summer. In a greenhouse trial with one-year-old seedlings of Douglas-fir in sand, ammonium sulphate was added to simulate the present acidic deposition. Part of the ammonium was nitrified into nitrate. This resulted in different ammonium, nitrate, aluminium levels and pH in the different treatments. In the treatments with the highest applications, fine root length was reduced by 50 % compared to the control, and the specific root length was reduced by 40 %.

A critical review of the results reported in the literature, to ascertain the total effect of the soil chemical changes since the start of the industrial revolution on the fine root density, revealed that aluminium is the main factor reducing fine root growth, even at sub-lethal concentrations in the soil solution. The fine root length is probably reduced by 50 % in the topsoil, and by 75 % in the subsoil. Excessive nitrogen availability reduces the total fine root biomass by 30 %. The net result is that the fine root system is less dense and more shallow than it would be without acidic deposition. This reduces the potential for water uptake on coarse sandy soils, and increases fine root mortality in long dry periods, especially on poor sites. An elementary model to describe fluctuations in the fine root density during and after a drought is used to illustrate the effects of soil acidification and nitrogen enrichment on drought susceptibility. Accumulated deposition has enhanced the risks of tree mortality or forest dieback induced by severe drought.

While the global financial crisis of 2008/2009 highlighted cost savings as a priority, the pandemic has hit operations at a more mature stage of evolution. Much of the low hanging fruit has been harvested and many of the early opportunities are now table stakes. The pandemic has highlighted the absolute need for resilient operations rather than relying on rollover sites, as was typical in most business continuity programs (BCP).

Maintaining the positive momentum I have witnessed over the past few decades, GBS consistently is the model of choice: 70% of global 1000 already operate GBSs, with another 20% planning to move to GBS models within the next 2 years. The data in favour of GBS is over- whelming, and for good reason. No other model has shown itself as effective in driving cost optimisation, business analytics, and value add. 041b061a72


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