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Lincoln Bell
Lincoln Bell

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit [CRACKED] Crack File.rar

I finaly Got it.For the gamers that have ati just st the 3D to balanced, my 3D gunfiguration was set as optimal quality.I just read this idea from a gammer named nubara in tha comments on the need for speed hot persuit reloaded.God bless you men for who ever you are.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Crack File.rar

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my game install then i put in serial then i start game then it ask again for serial then it show activated and then i wait and wait but it is still on desktop i do not even see a need for speed screen

please help me how can i fixe need for speed hot pursuit, i downloaded already but when i need to play i have black screen but i cant start so what can i do my laptop is sony vaio 4 ram 500 hdd 512 vga invidia,

Anyone pls help me with this problem: When i start need for speed the run my screen turn black and i cannot see anything , but my sound is ok , i mean everything is ok but no image. My video card is ok, so pls help!!

also i am positive there are game fixes for the many problems EA games have and many others need for speed the RUN is fairly new so wait a bit and there will be gfx patches made by fans like there where for MW3 BF2 etc.


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