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[S1E8] Moment Of Truth

Prue casts the truth spell, not knowing that Phoebe and Piper are in the house and will also be affected. She calls Andy, but only reaches his answering machine. Piper asks if Phoebe can see a pimple on her chin. Phoebe is initially reluctant to answer, but just then the spell takes effect and to her shock says she can see it after all. Piper admits she didn't tell off Martin.

[S1E8] Moment of Truth

Phoebe and Piper notice that they are unable to lie. Phoebe admits that she only likes Leo because Piper does. Prue admits to casting the truth spell, to determine if Andy is okay with her being a witch. For the next 24 hours, anyone who comes in contact with them will have no choice but to tell the truth. Gavin walks into a laboratory and finds Alex Pearson working there. He kills Alex with the third eye, but not before Alex rips a button off of Gavin's coat.

Prue goes to Andy and asks how he feels about her being a witch. He is still uncomfortable. The truth spell expires in that moment and Andy doesn't remember what they were talking about, nor that Prue is a witch.

Hughie finds Starlight listening to the choir at an otherwise-empty church, asking for her help, much to her shock. Starlight believes he wants to lie to her, but Hughie admits that he wants to tell Starlight the truth, using the tale of Naqib to convince her. Hughie wants Starlight to use her security clearance to find Naqib. Starlight refuses, questioning why she would ever help him. Hughie remarks that Vought is doing evil things and it's Starlight's job, as a Superhero, to stop them. Hughie admits that he was spiraling out of control until Starlight took him bowling.

Elizabeth walks out to speak to the journalists who captured her marital squabble. "What would you like me to do for your newsreel?" she asks, offering what she can in exchange for their silence. In a moment of true mercy from the press, which has been so hard on Elizabeth's family, the cameraman takes the roll of film out of the camera and gives it to her as a gift.

While this moment stands up on its own as an awesome excerpt, it also represents something else: the first time the show references something specific from a previous episode. For all we know, up until this point we could have been watching any number of different Ricks and Morties galavanting across space and reality. Infinite realities mean infinite versions of our protagonists, right?

In the real world, these moments are as rare as they were common during Burr's time as the character, and this iteration has decided to hew close to reality. It's Della's (Juliet Rylance) friend and ADA Hamilton Burger (Justin Kirk) who has to remind Perry, more than once, that "no one confesses on the stand." But Perry has a hard time accepting this as fact, especially since Ennis is the one man who could tie everything together.

Roller somehow goes from kidnapped by the Russians to walking around freely. Alongside this, he is acting funny. Making Desna, Virginia, and everyone else who knows the truth about him getting shot, antsy.

With that in mind, Desna thinks it is safe to let Uncle Daddy know Roller is alive and when he sees him it is like he is seeing Jesus. Tears are wept, Toby faints, and when Bryce sees him he breaks down as well. And naturally, as he does to commemorate any great moment that happens, Uncle Daddy throws a party.

Meanwhile, the kids arrive at Henry's house and they don't find him there. They are trying to pass their time playing "Truth or Dare" while Faye is having some visions of a little girl since the moment they got there. During the game she has a conflict with Cassie and she leaves the house. While she is getting ready to leave with her car, she sees the little girl again and this time she is following her to see what she wants.

Carla Day from TV Fanatic rated the episode with 4.5/5 saying that Chance Harbor is a scary place to live at the moment. "Chance Harbor is a scary place to live right now. Death is all around. With one Elder gone and another under a spell, who will protect the circle? Are Charles and Dawn up to the task, or are they consumed with their quest for power that they won't be able to help their children?"[3]

You'd be forgiven for assuming that last week's climactic confrontation between Alicent and Rhaenyra was the last straw, the triggering point, the singular event from which there was no coming back, the moment that finally touched off the ruinous dragon-on-dragon war that's been so long in coming.

We then get a brief interlude wherein the practiced familial politesse seems to drop, and starts to shade into something more real. Actual laughter, and the ease of familiarity. People who truly know and appreciate each other. For a fleeting moment, we get glimpse of what House of the Dragon would look like if these characters actually loved each other like a family should. It's warm. It's pleasant. It's endearing.

Hello everybody. So here we are mid-December. Early decision, early action have come and gone. The plot thickens, the pulse quickens, as we look ahead over the next couple of weeks and see the regular decision deadline winking at us just after New Year's Eve. So we thought we'd have a conversation today about how to get ourselves from today to the deadline: the questions you have, the to-do list that seems like it never ends. And then also, how do you manage the stress of getting through these last moments of the application phase?

Lee Coffin:Yes. So the deadline is the deadline for the student to submit her part of the application. And this often gets misunderstood too, that it's not the deadline for every teacher recommendation and every interview report and every supporting piece of information has to arrive. It's the students' portion. So the common app, the coalition app, the institutional app, that needs to arrive by the deadline to create the record. And then the other information flows in the weeks afterwards. If there's something that comes up, I mean, life happens to all of us and there are moments when you can't need the deadline, and it's as simple as reaching out to the schools and saying, "I need an extension." And we grant those. I wouldn't do that as my plan, but when you need an extension, we'll do that.

Lee Coffin:Right. It's just, they're sorted by alumni volunteers and you know, the volume means some people are faster than others. I would say, by way of advice about interviewing, it's a conversation, and it's about developing the skillset of sharing your story in person. And I think what's challenging for the Gen Zs is they do so much of their work on their phones. That this is an opportunity to hop out of the digital space, even if you might be on Zoom for the interview, but it's a conversation with someone you don't know where you are introducing yourself and creating this personal connection to someone like you would in a job interview someday. It's not a high stakes, make or break moment, but it is a chance to move beyond the numbers and the letters, and to put a personality in the mix from someone who doesn't know you.

Lee Coffin:I see this every year for 20-plus years, where there's this moment in mid-December where reality meets the idealism of the admission process, where there are now decisions landing. And I get it. It's a natural reaction to be like... Maybe you didn't even apply anywhere early, but you see your friends having these outcomes and you look at yourself and say, "Well, if she didn't get in, I'm never going to get in." And that's an overreaction, because flooding the universe with multiple applications makes it harder, because those pools get really big and then therefore more selective. But also, I think it starts to dilute your ability to tell your story effectively and authentically at all of those places. And I think take a breath.

Charlotte Albright:Well, Lee, you said, "Take a breath." And I think in a way you were talking to all of our listeners as well. They could take a breath right now. We'll be back in a moment, and you will be talking, of all people, to your trainer, who I understand has taught you to breathe.

Lee Coffin:We're joined by Mark Anderson, owner and personal trainer at MWA Health and Fitness in Boston, and truth in advertising, he's my trainer. And we're looking at this idea of wellness. I had the idea while talking to Mark about my own stress. Here's a newsflash, Deans of Admission carry stress. He's laughing as I say that. And so Mark, as somebody who works with me on fitness and wellness, where do you see me carrying stress?

Mark Anderson:Juice? It can be great. If you are not getting a lot of food in the day and the one thing you have time for is to go to some juice place that has a great organic, fresh juice. Wonderful. But if you're throwing that on top of the sandwich, the pasta and all that stuff, I mean, you're talking about carbs, you're talking about sugars again, spiking the blood sugar. It's going to make you feel good in the moment.

Lee Coffin:Well, I hear throughout a lot of the advice you're sharing, Mark, is consistency and patterns. Like go to sleep at the same time, have a snack at the same time, go for a walk. If you have a glass of wine, do it at six o'clock every night, not at nine o'clock every night. And these rhythms of our day, particularly when we're more harried and don't maybe have the luxury of a fully planned moment, you could disrupt those moments of harriedness.

As a colleague once quipped, "People think optional is another way to spell required." Depending on my mood and the level of exhaustion-inspired testiness I might have been struggling to contain, I patiently reassure someone as plainly as I can, but as snarky retort was always on the tip of my tongue when someone insinuated that the element in question was something other than optional. An essay, a recommendation, an interview, standardized testing during these testless moments. Any and all might have had an optional tag, an open invitation to each student to use the essay or the test as an opportunity for additional storytelling. 041b061a72


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