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Why You Should Use Photoshop Plugin: A Review of the Features and Benefits of the Free Vector Icon and Sticker Tool

you can control how the color picker changes depending on what part of the image is on the layer by adding a layer mask in photoshop. these are layers that are not stored in a separate file, but instead are part of the original layers. you can adjust the color of the mask in the layers palette to make different areas have different colors.

1. Photoshop Plugin

add that professional touch to your photoshop designs and print your creations in half the time with this powerful photoshop utility. this plugin has everything you need to save hours of time tweaking photos in photoshop.

want to get inspiration from other designers that use the same fonts as you? this is a brilliant photoshop plugin by ekklesia that will help you find that perfect font, click and drag it into your design. once there you can change the font properties or export it.

illustrator has a poor interface when it comes to arranging text. this plugin from snappii bypasses this problem and allows you to arrange text simply by dragging the text. it also makes it simple to change the arrangement of the individual letters and put them in any order you wish.

this photoshop plugin by scaleforce transforms your psd directly into a html5 web page which you can preview and edit in your browser. there are two editors, one for the page content, and the other for applying font and gradient styles.

these days you rarely use photoshop's export buttons, especially if you want to insert an image into your html. this plugin by alex eumov will allow you to export your psd as any web image like a jpeg or png. all you need to do is select the size of your export, and choose to embed the image as a background, or make it a link.


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