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Everett Miller
Everett Miller

[S3E16] One Quadzy Summer Free

Dawn and Mae walk into the room and make fun of the boys for being too lazy. Dawn tells her brothers that she and Mae have got a summer job at the Boulderly Hills Country Club Kids Only Beach Club (B.H.C.C K.O.B.C) in order to make some money. She calls herself a "go-getter" and calls her lazy brothers, "no-getters."

[S3E16] One Quadzy Summer

While the boys are working, they notice Dylan and Madison flirting. They alert Dawn who listens to the conversation and realizes that Dylan is telling Madison the same thing he had told her. They conclude that Dylan is playing both Dawn and Madison. Dawn's brothers are feel bad for Dawn because some jerk is ruining her summer. They claim that they're the only jerks allowed to ruin Dawn's life.

Dawn says even though she hates Madison, Madison deserves to know the truth. She deserves to have a great summer. She walks up to Madison and tells her about Dylan. So, the two enemies agree to work together to set up a trap for Dylan to catch him. Mae and Dawn's brothers help Dawn and Madison get revenge on Dylan by throwing him on lobsters which start biting his butt right away. 041b061a72


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