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Buy Nursery Furniture Online

Chapters Indigo is more than just a bookstore - they also have some super cute picks for your baby in the furniture department, and at some pretty amazing prices, to boot. Check out cribs from brands like Stokke, Storkcraft, Little Seeds, Graco and South Shore, nursery staples like change tables and dressers, and sweet decor like book racks, hampers, mattresses and more. Quite a few decor items can be found in store, but your best bet for all the bigger stuff is to head online.

buy nursery furniture online

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Why it's great: No matter what theme or vibe you're going for, you'll find something you love on Etsy. There's a huge selection of wall art, mobiles, storage containers, and more. You can search generally to get ideas or look up specific items you want, such as "Star Wars mobile." Many of the items can be customized for your little one to make the nursery more personal.

Why it's great: You'll find a mix of cute and hilarious items here for kids, many of which will look charming in a nursery. You'll find a selection of night-lights, customizable birth announcements, clocks, and more, in themes from space to sloths to, yes, even Big Foot. Uncommon Goods basically lets your future child know what kind of parents they're getting (i.e., awesome ones!).

Why it's great: Jet has a wide selection of furniture, from cribs to changing tables to rocking chairs and more, at majorly discounted prices. You can also find great organization basics on the site.

Why it's great: You know Target, and you love Target. You can't leave Target without 12 extra things you didn't even know you needed, and their nursery collection follows suit. Not only do they carry all the top brands, from Fisher-Price to Babyletto, but they also have their own collection called Cloud Island with super-cute girl, boy, and gender-neutral lines. Plus, you can shop room inspiration, check out fully designed rooms with a 360-degree camera, and also take a photo to see if the furniture will fit in your space. (Buyer's remorse who?)

Why it's great: The site has some high-quality items with a price tag to match, but ones that you know will last for years. You'll also find a style guide to help you figure out what direction you want to take the nursery. Plus you get free shipping on orders over $99.

Why it's great: Nordstrom's free shipping is a game changer, and you'll love that feature when you discover items to complete your nursery's look. You might not find a crib here, but you will be able to shop bedding, storage bins, rugs, and more.

Why it's great: Baby products is all they do! And their nursery selection is not lacking. Since you'll find all the top brands in one place, it's easy to compare them to find what's best. The store carries a plethora of items to fit a variety of themes, so whether you know what you're going for or are still figuring it out, you'll be able to check out all the trends here.

Welcome to Modern Nursery, an online home for all families and babies with a love for fashion and quality. We're here for the journey - whether it's helping create your perfect registry with the finest luxury brands of baby gear, nursery furniture, diaper bags and parenthood necessities, or helping you along the way with advice and tips from parenting experts. We focus on non-toxic, eco-friendly baby products and new, innovative designs that help to make life simpler for every parent on the go and at home.

Whether you're looking for a convertible crib, classic or modern crib for your baby, Destination Baby has something to fit your needs. If you're looking to furnish a complete nursery we offer a number of baby furniture packages and sets. Browse our top rated baby furniture by manufacturer, style or type of furniture your looking for. Many of our baby furniture sets start out as nurseries and grow with your child as through their teen years.

When planning your nursery, be sure to choose non-toxic baby furniture. Greenguard gold certification is preferable, but even all-solid wood construction can be a good choice. Read on for more details!

Their furniture also includes additional safety features, such as anti-tilting hardware, baby-proof gliding drawers, and plastic-safety triggers for removing drawers. We purchased the Karisma Classic Crib and 6-drawer dresser, although they have several collections that you can choose from. Truly top-notch!

(Made in the USA) A wonderful store located in Los Angeles, Green Cradle manufactures solid wood nursery furniture that is 100% VOC-free and chemical-free. They deliver to anywhere in the United States.

(Made in Canada) Also a wonderful choice, Natart Juvenile manufactures beautiful, high-quality, non-toxic baby furniture that is Greenguard Gold Certified. Their furniture is made from 100% solid wood (beechwood, oak, or birch), has stainless-steel safety drawer glides, and uses solid wood mattress supports.

And, Silva Furniture has fewer collections and fewer customization options than Romina, also helping to cut costs. Silva has four furniture collections (I love the Jackson collection) and five finishes, while Romina has 10 collections, 25 finishes, and other customization options.

(Made in Canada): Nest and Tulip are manufactured by Natart Juvenile. All cribs and furniture made under these brands are Greenguard Gold certified, but the main difference I have identified between these brands and Natart is that some Nest and Tulip furniture may include wood veneers. Natart Furniture, on the other hand, is made exclusively from solid wood.

Though they include wood veneers in some of their pieces, Nest and Tulip furniture is extremely well-made. I would still encourage you to consider these options if Natart and Romina are out of budget.

(Made in Latvia): Oeuf NYC makes several Greenguard Gold-certified cribs, including the Sparrow, Rhea, and Classic Crib. Their signature modern design adds a really elegant touch to any nursery. The company uses non-toxic water-based paints on their furniture and wood glues (when they use them at all).

I love Pottery Barn, and was thrilled when they started selling Greenguard-certified furniture. However, they are still manufactured in Asia and only some of their cribs are made with solid wood, and others contain MDF and/or pegboard. So be sure to read the detailed description before you get your heart set on a specific crib.

(Made in China and Taiwan) I struggled with including DaVinci on this list of non-toxic baby furniture manufacturers. Their furniture is made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine wood, and is Greenguard certified and formaldehyde and lead safe, but manufactured in Asia. For a cost-effective option, consider DaVinci, although I would be so much happier with this brand if they chose another manufacturing site for better quality control. Their 4-in-1 cribs convert from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed, and full-sized bed (using separate conversion kits, sold separately). View the full lineup of their cribs on Amazon.

Designed with babies and parents in mind, our Addison rocking recliner is the ultimate nursery chair. A tall back and soft, sturdy cushions surround you in comfort as you gently rock - or glide - your little one to sleep. Perfect for late night feedings, Addison also reclines so both you and baby can relax.

Not sure what children's furniture store you should shop at? Baby Boudoir in New Bedford, MA has been helping parents create beautiful nurseries for over 50 years. We stand by the Baby Boudoir difference and proudly offer incredible deals and discounted furniture to help every parent meet the needs of their little one. You'll find stylish and safe baby furniture in pristine condition at our stores. Baby Boudoir has been around for more than 50 years as a family owned business. We offer better quality, name brand baby and children's furniture, all at guaranteed lowest prices. We also have lots of closeouts, discounted to 50% off or more. We boast the largest selection of baby furniture on display in all of New England. Were now expanding into beds and bedroom sets in all sizes including bunk, loft and novelty beds.

You can make the best decision about your baby's furniture by seeing and feeling it in person. Don't be disappointed by an online order - drop by our children's furniture store today to check out all of our stock. We'll meet or beat the price of any other authorized reseller.

We specialize in real furniture that your child will grow into. Our convertible cribs grow with children and are a very popular choice for parents. No matter what furniture you buy, we'll provide a full warranty in perpetuity. Call 508-998-2166 for our Acushnet Avenue store or 508-984-8175 for our Bargain Outlet location today.

Quite a catch! Catch offers amazing deals on babies needs including furniture and accessories. Your babies can live their best lives before they even realise it with quilt and bedding that are warm and cozy. They also come in different colours and designs to liven up your nursery!

Brosa is a company based in Australia. They have a showroom in Melbourne which you can visit to see their furniture with your own eyes. But you can also shop for nursery furniture online. Brosa has a few selections of classy nursery furniture.

By the time the smoke cleared, we had a lot of stuff including crib, baby chair, changing table, dresser, nursery decorations, stacks of onesies, backpack for carrying a baby, cloth diapers and regular diapers, stroller, high chair, bouncy chair, portable crib and probably more stuff I forgot about.

Speaking of getting rid of stuff, in addition to the great online baby furniture stores listed below, there is a lot choose from in the second-hand market such as Craigslist, Kijiji and other options. For example, we bought a Lightning Mcqueen bed for $10 from Craigslist. That thing would have cost way more money. We also received boxes and boxes of used clothing from friends. 041b061a72


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