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One Piece Episode 747 __EXCLUSIVE__

While sleeping on the Going Luffy-senpai, Monkey D. Luffy got up and Bartolomeo followed him. Suddenly, a giant piece of meat flew over them, which Luffy grabbed onto, pulling him and Bartolomeo to a platoon of Battle Boats. The kidnappers, led by Desire and Peseta, managed to outmaneuver and attack the Going Luffy-senpai as they escaped with Luffy and Bartolomeo in tow, taking them to the deserted island of Silver Mine.[2]

One Piece Episode 747

That night, the pirates sleep on the deck. Luffy gets hungry and gets up, which Bartolomeo notices. He gets up and follows Luffy, wanting to be with him and assist him if possible. Suddenly, a giant piece of meat flies over the ship, and Luffy eagerly grabs onto it, and a shocked Bartolomeo follows him. They are pulled onto a floating platform, and Peseta remarks in awe that Desire, the woman in front of Luffy and Bartolomeo, managed to capture Luffy. The Straw Hats wake up and confront the kidnappers, with Usopp firing a Pop Green. However, Desire and her accomplices destroy it, and Franky attacks with Weapons Left. He knocks one of the kidnappers off her boat, but is otherwise unsuccessful as Desire rescues her accomplice. Peseta and his men then fire cannonballs at the Going Luffy-senpai, but these balls release a sticky substance which traps the Straw Hats and the Barto Club. The kidnappers then escape with Luffy and Bartolomeo in tow.

On Silver Mine, a deserted island near Dressrosa, a group of people bring treasure and a pirate to the giant silver fortress in the center. Inside, Bill sits on a throne, eating pieces of rock and exuding a molten substance as he heads out. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo is forced to mine for ore, with Peseta whipping him if he stops working. Bartolomeo asks him if Luffy is all right, and Peseta affirms this, but says that might not be the case ten minutes from now. Bartolomeo attacks Peseta with his pickax, but Peseta leaves, with Bartolomeo being unable to make a barrier because his hands are stuck to the pickax. Meanwhile, Luffy is in a jail cell, with his entire body below the neck being enveloped in a silver ball, and he futilely attempts to escape somehow. Desire and the Sweet Pirates visit him, revealing that they destroyed the Going Luffy-senpai and that they are the ultimate weapons group thanks to Bill's Gutsu Gutsu no Mi. Luffy shouts that she is lying, which deeply angers Desire, but Luffy stops yelling as he gets weak from hunger. He asks Desire if he can eat the meat that she lured him with, and she refuses, but eventually lets him eat some of her chocolate. She then gets a call, and tells her accomplices that it is time.

Otherwise, thus begins the first filler arc in over a hundred episodes. I'm not going to moan and groan over receiving filler, since the main story's pacing has been so slow lately that we kind of need it. The comment thread on these reviews is packed with opinions on One Piece's release schedule and stingy filler practices, so I don't need to add too many more. How many other fan bases do you see arguing for filler? Not many.

Updated February 16, 2023 by Mark Sammut: One Piece crossed the 1000th episode mark in 2022, and the vast majority of that content is canon. Rather than frequently stop the story dead to head out on a side adventure, Toei has generally opted to slowly adapt the source material to ensure the anime does not catch up to the manga. While not without its negatives, this decision has limited One Piece's need to rely on filler. When one of these sagas shows up, they tend to be short and sweet. Over roughly the last three years, there has been only a single One Piece filler arc, but how does it rank compared to older storylines?

With roughly a thousand episodes (and counting) to sit through, One Piece's sheer size makes the anime a daunting task for people to take on. Eiichiro Oda's manga is a true epic; a series that spans decades and tells a grand tale of ambition, adventure, and resilience. Through the Straw Hats' travels, they experience plenty of highs and lows; tears are shed and laughs are had.

Since there is so much canon content to go through, the filler arcs can feel like they just add to the bloat without contributing enough to justify their existence. Consequently, newcomers to the series might prefer to just skip over the filler material altogether. In order to make that process easier, here is a breakdown of all the filler arcs in the anime along with their respective episodes. Recaps and the Boss Luffy Historical Special episodes will also be included.

Individual One Piece filler episodes have not been included in the table. However, the following episodes are filler: 98-99, 102, 336, 492, 542, 590, and 907 (which will be released on December 26, 2021).

The Boss Luffy Historical Specials are a unique type of One Piece filler since they don't even pretend to be canon. Debuting in the 2005 special episode called "End-Of-Year Special Project! The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy" before showing up sporadically in the main series, these storylines teleport the Straw Hats into Edo period Japan. These episodes are extremely jarring as they really do come out of nowhere, so a number of people might feel tempted to just skip them over since they stop the anime's pacing dead in its tracks.

Skipping out on these interludes does not lessen the One Piece experience in any way, however, they are mildly entertaining distractions in their own right. When they first aired, it was neat to see Luffy and company in a historical Japanese setting. Nowadays, these episodes can't even claim to have that going for them since the Wano arc scratches that itch in a far more satisfying way.

Compared to other long-running shounen series like Naruto and Bleach, One Piece's filler arcs tend to be short. At least, fans do not have to sit through multiple months of pointless fluff. The Ice Hunter arc is a rare exception, as the saga lasts for an agonizing ten episodes.

Following the Alabasta arc, One Piece set off on a string of filler episodes stretching across multiple storylines. Stuck in the middle between the Post-Alabasta and Ruluka Island arcs, the Goat Island episodes tend to get overshadowed. While not the most memorable story in the series, this arc works well as a three-episode diversion with a fun new character in Zenny.

A lot of the stories are told awkwardly between the crew and have no actual bearing on the overall story. One Piece doesn't waste time with unnecessary exposition so these episodes stand out as strange among others in the series. This is what makes it obvious filler that exists to do nothing but fill time until the next arc.

Used to set up One Piece Film: Z, the Z's Ambition arc is mostly worth watching only if someone plans to sit through the movie. Otherwise, it's largely a forgettable piece that doesn't fit that well within the canon timeline. Set after the Fish-Man Island arc, Z's Ambition has the distinction of being the first post-time skip filler storyline, so the animation is at least pretty great.

Once One Piece hit its 200th episode mark, the anime went through an underwhelming stretch of storylines; the Davy Back Fight is one of the worst canon arcs, and it is followed up by two filler stories in Ocean's Dream and Foxy's Return. Out of those three, Ocean's Dream is the easiest to sit through, although that's not saying too much. The Straw Hats' memories are wiped, reverting them to how they were prior to joining the crew.

The Marine in charge of the base the Straw Hats invade has similar questions and a change of heart that slowly occurs through the arc. Characters also have defining moments during these episodes, showing that the writing for this story went above and beyond, embodying what makes One Piece so interesting.

Uta's Past is something of an exception. A precursor to One Piece Film Red, the two-part arc is an extended flashback that establishes Luffy's childhood friendship with the eponymous character, who also happens to be Shanks' daughter. The captain of the Red Hair Pirates also features prominently in both episodes, which is always a net positive.

Despite being linked to a non-canon movie, Uta's Past feels surprisingly significant. The arc shows Luffy and Shanks' early meeting; in fact, the story goes further back into Luffy's past than ever before. The episodes also do a great job of introducing Uta, who is a force of personality capable of rivaling the Straw Hat captain in drive and hard-headedness. While One Piece Film Red can be enjoyed as a standalone experience, Uta's Past adds nuance to the core relationships explored by the feature. If someone is planning to watch the movie, they should put aside 40 minutes to watch this One Piece filler arc.

Unlike many other shonen series, One Piece does a fantastic job of avoiding pointless filler episodes. However, on rare occasions, it falls victim to the same shortcomings that plague similar titles within the genre. With this in mind, there are more than a few filler arcs which even the most diehard fans would be wise to avoid.

Updated on December 20, 2022 by Kennedy King: With One Piece moving into what has been confirmed to be its final saga, there are more eyes than ever on the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Although filler episodes have become less prevalent as the series has continued, that doesn't mean they haven't continued to pop up throughout One Piece post-timeskip. Because of this, even the most veteran fans of the franchise should be on the lookout for new, non-canon material.

As one can probably guess by its title, the Post-Alabasta Arc occurs immediately following the Alabasta Arc. The filler arc doesn't have one overarching plot, like many filler arcs do. Instead, each of the five episodes are standalone tales featuring a different member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

To be fair, the Post-Alabasta arc provides insight into each of the Straw Hat Pirates' goals and histories. However, these episodes are narratively shallow, and due to Nico Robin and Monkey D. Luffy's absence, they lack the oomph to justify watching them. 041b061a72


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