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Download File Ghosthack - Ultimate Vocal Librar...

We included 12 professionally recorded acapellas by 8 male and female vocalists. The acapellas are accompanied by harmonies and ad-libs for you to create a complete song. Some of them even come with corresponding MIDI files which makes it easy to tune surrounding elements in your track to the melody of the vocals.

Download File Ghosthack - Ultimate Vocal Librar...

This pack from Sarah De Warren is full of airy vocals and deeply evocative lyrics most suited for Ambient, Chill, Pop, and Future garage genre productions. The pack contains a total of 226 files featuring an essential collection of truly unique Vocal Phrases, Spoken words, Vocal Atmospheres, and Bonus Beats and Music Loops. Check out the sample pack in action down below:

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2018 contains over 5,900 individual files, covering female vocals, one-shot drum samples, sound effects, bass sounds, percussion hits, and a range of audio loops. All included content is royalty-free for use in commercial projects. The included sounds are suitable for use in a wide spectrum of music styles, focusing mainly on modern electronic music, urban genres like hip-hop and trap, and bass-oriented styles like dubstep.

Apart from the already mentioned audio sample and loop content, the bundle also contains a selection of original presets for Xfer Serum, NI Massive, and a collection project files and templates for FL Studio. Another highlight is the excellent set of female vocal samples which are edited and ready to use in your next project.

We comprised 12 professionally listed acapellas by 8 men and female vocalists. The acapellas are accompanied by harmonies and ad-libs For you to make an entire tune. A Number of Them even include corresponding MIDI files making it Simple to tune surrounding components on your path to The tune of the vocals. 041b061a72


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