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Fallout New Vegas Invisible Armor !FREE!

Chinese Stealth Armor is a rare armor in Fallout New Vegas that will make you nearly invisible to enemies (although not fully, as in Fallout 3). If you steal or sneak a lot (who doesn't?) watch this video for a guide to acquiring two suits of Chinese Stealth Armor.

Fallout New Vegas Invisible Armor

This dark blue, form-fitting body suit with an opaque face plate is a suit of armor designed for one thing: Making the operator nigh-invisible. Harnessing Chinese expertise in stealth technology, the suit contains a man-portable device that generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to another. The end result is near-perfect active camouflage. The body suit is designed to maximize the effect by simplifying the wearer's silhouette and creating flat surfaces where possible to reduce the complexity of the area being camouflaged.[1][2] Deployed under the designation Hei Gui, the suit allowed China to counter American brute force with subterfuge and deception, although some units were captured and reverse engineered by the Americans.[3]

Visible lasers, such as weapon-mounted laser sights, will be refracted by the field and the extra-long Wristblades or Scimitars favoured by some Yautja are often not covered by the cloaking effect, leaving them visible. Some models appear to be easier to disrupt than others; the Cloaks issued to Scar, Celtic and Chopper on their first Xenomorph Hunt deactivated simply as a result of bullet impacts to their armor. Cloak devices are also employed on Yautja starships, where they are incredibly effective; owing to the generally featureless nature of space, there are often no major visual references that can be distorted by the field, rendering Predator vessels essentially invisible.

I installed mod thinking it would help since there is no mod for this, my pipboy went invisible but still works(to clarify not cause of mod), I just can't see it, my character is still visible and the pipboy is still on his arm but the only way I can open it is when I'm in power armor.

Not such impotent:1) Amor had invisible texture. Made to improve survival rate, as a super-soldier from Wolfenstein. Saved soldier by bullet and small-caliber projectiles. Has a thickness of 30mm in around and 50mm on sholders. To kill PzSoldier shoot in the joints of the armor. Armor takes place in the inventory. Not recommend throw-out from inventory. If you throw armor, to find it use Alt + V in editor.2) Panzerschrek had automatic fire-mode (hold LMB), use cerfoly.

Authors:Import Super-soldier's skin - HalilyaPanzerschrek - Leo\Unknown Soldier, based on GTA modsArmor - Leo\Unknown SoldierTexture of invisible armor - Alexey 88 More type of units - Alex Skayler


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