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Oracle Forms And Reports ##TOP##

Hello Team,We have a requirement where the client needs to migrate oracle forms and reports from 11g to We plan to install the on the new servers and migrate the forms and reports project from their 11g server to the new 12c server. Is there a document that we can follow to achieve this because upgrade may not be an option. Any help is highly appreciated.

oracle forms and reports

The Model Administration Tool is a fundamental component of the Oracle Analytics suite that enables developers to create and manage the metadata used in analyses, reports and workbooks. So far the tool has been available only on Windows platforms, but today is a date to be remembered: Oracle finally released

Oracle has recently certified the latest version of Oracle Forms and Reports, version, with Java 8 Update 5 (JRE only) as of this week as long as you are using Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox 24+, or Chrome 34+ (not supported with Safari) according to the latest update to the Oracle Forms certification matrix: -forms-111220certmatrix-2087910.xls?ssSourceSiteId=otnen

We have a lot of apps servers running oracle and reports) and oracle (J2ee) that we have to upgrade to weblogic to support SHA2 algorithm. I guess your article just describes about the proxy that we can setup which will help us from not upgrading atleast postponing the upgrade until we are ready. From what i gathered, i install the Apache http server client and configure SHA2 certificate, terminate the SSL at that end and go http from there to oracle apps server. Is that what you are recommending. Can you please elaborate on this and how it will work for my setup. Thanks. 041b061a72


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