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One Piece 1049 ((LINK))

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One Piece 1049

Along with the fight, the previous chapter also focused on Orochi as he was finally struck down by Denjiro. With that, The biggest oppressor of Wano finally met his end while Kaido, the man who backed him, was close to falling to Luffy. One Piece 1049 marked a spectacular conclusion to the fight between Luffy and Kaido as the fist carrying the weight of 20 years finally landed and struck the Yonko into oblivion. At the same time, the war of Onigashima looks to have been officially concluded, with the Fire Festival wrapping up at the same time.

After awakening his Devil Fruit, Luffy was able to tap into the powers of Gear 5th And that's when the beginning of the end for Kaido finally kick-started. One Piece 1049 marks the conclusion to Kaido's story in a brilliant manner, although it might seem anticlimactic to some. For Kaido, waiting for the man who would defeat him eventually was the ultimate goal. Kaido once thought of Oden as the man who would eventually defeat him, however having his battle ruined, he couldn't help but wait for the man who Oden wanted to welcome into Wano, that is, Joyboy.

Quite a big portion of One Piece 1049 was Kaido's flashback. Fans have been waiting for the flashback for quite a while now and it is safe to say that while the flashback delivered, it didn't quite live up to the expectations as it was quite short. Nonetheless, whatever it is that the fans did get was quite interesting and added a lot of depth to Kaido's character. The flashback started with Kaido at 10 years of age in his home country called Vodka Kingdom. By the looks of it, Kaido was a mercenary for his country and fought wars in order for them to keep being a relevant nation in the world and pay the heavenly tribute. Eventually, when he grew too strong, the king of the country sold him to the Marines. This also ties to Kaido's introduction in chapter 795 where the narrator stated that Kaido was captured by his enemies 18 times. Chapter 1049 revealed that Kaido got captured quite a few times on purpose so that he could eat and also destroy.

All things considered, One Piece chapter 1049 was quite a spectacle and wrapped things up in a brilliant fashion for both Kaido and the new Joy boy, Luffy. With that, the story will now head towards the aftermath of the Wano Country arc. Fans will now see the samurai regrouping and taking care of the injured. At the same time, the arC will now tackle the biggest revelations related to the Poneglyphs of Wano and, perhaps, even the One Piece itself. As expected, these are exciting times for One Piece fans as they could soon get some information on Laugh Tale and the great treasure of Gol D. Roger as well.

The release time is different per region, so make sure to double-check your time zones to find out when it airs. Based on past releases, Episode 1049 will air internationally after 1.5 hours from the Japan release.

Episode 1049 of One Piece will be released on Saturday, January 28th, or Sunday, January 29th, depending on your location. In Japan, Fuji TV will air the latest episode, while Crunchyroll will stream it for international fans. Follow the time schedule given below to watch the new episode as soon as it drops:

One Piece episode 1049 is set to begin airing on local Japanese networks at 9.30 am JST on Sunday, January 29, 2023. For select international regions, this means a Saturday night local release window. A vast majority of international fans, like Japanese viewers, will instead see the episode's availability on Sunday morning, but exact time of release varies by region and timezone.

Warning: SPOILERS for episode #1049 of One Piece.The One Piece anime is attracting a lot of attention and praise for the incredible quality of its animation. However, the unique style of that animation also means that the weekly anime series produced by Toei is becoming something very different from its source material.

While each new episode of One Piece gives fans the chance to praise its animation, episode #1049, "Luffy Soars! Revenge Against the King of the Beasts", contains all the elements that are making the series' animation style and quality the talk of the community. In the episode, Luffy rides on the back of Momonosuke (who has recently aged to adulthood thanks to the powers of Shinobu's Devil Fruit) to reach the roof of Onigashima, where Kaido is being stalled by Yamato. While still in the sky, Luffy transforms into his Gear Fourth Snakeman form, and launches a powerful attack against Kaido, knocking him down. The whole sequence is incredibly epic, but it also highlights how different the One Piece anime has become from the manga.

Overall, the One Piece anime takes a bombastic Dragon Ball-style approach to its fights that, while highlighting their epic tones, loses a lot of realism in the process. It's not that One Piece is a realistic manga, but it always had an element of grittiness in its fights that makes them look more crude and genuine compared to other shonen like Dragon Ball. In the One Piece manga, fighters are still mostly punching each other, while in the anime they are surrounded by colored streams of energy, auras, and other elements that are visually compelling but also very far from the style of the manga. In these moments, the style of the animation gets more deformed too, as is evident during Luffy's arrival in episode #1049 or during his previous fight against Kaido.

No doubt, One Piece Episode 1049 is going to be one of the vital segments but fans have to wait a few more days to get updates on the war in Onigashima. The battle between father and son is getting intense while Luffy is trying to return to the battlefield with the help of Momonosuke.

Backed into a corner, Yamato remembers three great swordsmen who he met when he was a child. Their stunning choice for the future of the Land of Wano encourages Yamato. One Piece Episode 1049 is titled "Luffy Soars! Revenge Against the King of the Beasts."

Luffy continuously pushes Momonosuke to fly up to Onigashima but Momonosuke is getting afraid of the height. Besides, Heart pirates and Shinobu are watching everything silently. Momonosuke will manage to fly but he will close her eyes while flying high in One Piece Episode 1049. Will they reach safely to save Yamato?

Kaidou attacks Yamato on her head with his kanabo, and Yamato falls to the ground. He hits her constantly while she is fallen to the ground. According to the One Piece Episode 1049 preview, Luffy and the pink dragon blow up a storm. Yamato confronts his cursed fate. Momo gladly transforms into a giant dragon. In One Piece Episode 1049 Momonosuke may create the Flame Cloud through which a dragon runs.

One Piece Episode 1049 will be released on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 9:30 am in Japan. The new episode will be available on Crunchyroll on the day of its release and can be followed on Funimation the next day. The episodes with English subtitles are likely to release on the same day of the issue within a few hours of the release. It will also drop at different times worldwide so that global audiences can go through it at their convenient times.

Unfortunately, after One Piece 1049 releases, there will be a break next week. This follows the usual cadence of three chapters followed by a break. The only reason that cadence was broken was because of Golden Week, which delayed chapter 1048.

Yes, not only is chapter 1049 releasing this week but there is also a new episode of the One Piece anime adaptation scheduled to premiere both domestically in Japan and internationally via Crunchyroll.

One Piece's anime has officially kicked off the climax of the final phase of the war across Onigashima, and the newest episode really took off with fans and hyping its reputation with another major masterpiece of animation! The anime has taken a wild new direction ever since it kicked off the Wano Country arc a few years ago. With a new director at the helm, the series has opened up its animation styles to all kinds of fun collaborations and sequences that have been the best in the franchise to date. But each episode continues to surprise with just how far it goes.

It was quite the showcase that fans really can't get enough of, and you can read on to see what fans are saying about Episode 1049's big sequence! What did you think of this latest fight? Where does it rank among your favorite Wano sequences overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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