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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.iso

Using light field visualization has numerous benefits. First and foremost, it does not require any viewing gear whatsoever. Even without considering the tactile sensitivity of specific vulnerable users [3,4,5], the lack of the need for some sort of a viewing device is a convenience, or rather, the opposite can be a significant inconvenience. After all, in the most generic use case, the individual is expected to operate a personal vehicle and not a jet fighter. The autostereoscopic 3D visualization itself provides a realistic parallax effect for the driver. Depending on the implementation of the system, it may either be limited to the horizontal direction or it may support both directions. As the view of the real world and the utilization of V2X sensor data in synthesized visuals are combined in front of the driver, the light rays of such projection-based technology may produce a more seamless integration of the two. Trivially, as one of the fundamental goals of such solutions is that the driver may observe the traffic and the displayed information simultaneously (i.e., without the need to divert attention away from the traffic), the driver is thus expected to view the visualization for extended periods, if the travel demands it. At the time of writing this paper, no scientific work reports perceptual fatigue and simulator sickness associated with projection-based light field visualization, unlike other technologies [6,7,8,9,10,11].

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.iso

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