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Lincoln Bell
Lincoln Bell

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series T

Hello when I work out I usually run, do squats and lift weights 5 days a week. I am pretty fit and so is my butt, but when I start doing a lot of moving around at work I lose my butt so it looks like there is nothing there :( . Is this the Brazilian Butt lift a good workout to keep my butt from shrinking?

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series T


my questions are:1) is it ok if a guy does BBL workout or is it just for girls/women?2) after reading the description of my butt do u think the slim & lift program is suitable for me?3) will it burn max fat from my butt & make it slim?4) i dont have dumbbells and ankle weights. will it affect my result if i dont use them?5) which prog did u follow?Thanks in advance. :)

Important: Like other cosmetic procedures, a Brazillian butt lift may help improve your self-esteem if you are insecure about your body's appearance. However, procedures like this are not a cure for more serious underlying mental health issues like depression or anxiety.


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