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Everett Miller
Everett Miller

100 Ethernet Adapter Jp1082

A small computer like the Raspberry deserves small input devices ?I use several USB based devices to make life easy while developing and testing. Here I show you some favorites for power, keyboard and mouse, hub and ethernet and Wifi adapter.

100 ethernet adapter Jp1082

Download Zip:

While the Raspberry Pi B+ and 2 Model B have 4 USB ports, the older ones have either one or two.Keyboard, mouse and a wireless adapter take three and also during experiments I hate plugging in and out.

The Raspberry A and A+ come without any network adapter. Wireless is one option, Ethernet another. Regarding reliability and zero configuration: ethernet wins. Especially when bringing up a fresh OS, having a working network connection without hassle is preferable. Adding wireless is one of the later configuration steps.

I have a USB to Ethernet adapter I normally use to connect my 2 PCs and share files. I tried to use it to connect my PC and Pi 3 but it seems its not receiving any data from Pi 3. The connection is Adapter to PC then Ethernet cable to Pi 3. I have also tried using auto IP config and manual on PC yet no show.

BE CAREFUL: There exists a chinese copied version without the Logilink-Logo using the Kontron DM9601-chip (see "Problem Ethernet adapters" below). This only supports USB1.1 and isn't well support under Linux. If you get a model without the Logilink logo and the model number JP1082 it's a fake.


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