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[S6E6] The One On The Last Night

Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) was the mysterious man who saved Bran and Meera (Ellie Kendrick). If you don't count the younger version of him seen in flashbacks earlier this season, the last time we saw the grown Benjen was during the third episode of the show's first season.

[S6E6] The One On The Last Night

All of the above, on top of how many jokes stuck the landing, actually gave me hope that watching 2 Broke Girls on Monday nights, as well as writing these reviews, might actually be something I genuinely look forward to. And let me tell you, given this US election season any excitement at all is much-needed excitement.

I'm talking of course about Daryl's crossbow. It's been a mainstay of The Walking Dead for more than five seasons, but Daryl was forced to part with it at gunpoint at the end of last night's episode and it's not clear if we're ever going to see it again.

We begin last night's episode of Mad Men, titled "For Immediate Release," in a situation that has become common in season six: an alcohol-free meeting at SCDP. Joan, Pete, and Bert Cooper face off against a grayish man, the underwriter who may (or may not) finance their IPO, with coffee cups on the conference room table before them. The scene is tense. Will the underwriter support their move, and at the right share price?

Jamie explained he slept with Mary the night before he gave himself up to the British. He told Claire: "She brought me supper, and then she stayed. I tried to send her away but she said she had seen you with me, Claire."

Books mentioned/books Rory is reading:When Rory tells Logan that she loves him, a copy of Colleen McCullough's "Fortune's Favorites" is on a table in the background. I haven't read anything by McCullough, but Goodreads says that this book is part of her "Masters of Rome" series, which focuses on "the last years of the Roman republic, struggles between politicians and generals, and the men and women in the centre of all."

Thoughts:When the town reenactors make an appearance, you know it's going to be a dull episode. In an attempt to increase Stars Hollow's tourism revenue, Taylor proposes historical street name changes with the help of Phineas (Kirk) and Zebediah (Andrew), two fake citizens from 1779. After a bit of dialogue that I can't believe Daniel Palladino didn't write, Lorelai is the first person to lend vocal support to this idiotic idea. After Stars Hollow's queen chimes in, the rest of the sheep follow as a paperwork nightmare hangs on the periphery.

As this bullshit transpires, Lorelai tries to solve the mystery of who is sending her boxes full of "Antique Roadshow" castoffs. I'm surprised that Emily "tenth-degree black belt in passive aggression" Gilmore doesn't immediately come to mind. After learning that Richard saw Lorelai (for insurance reasons) at the inn last week, she damn near loses her mind.

Sure enough, Richard is right. In fact, Logan is so committed to Rory that he cements the relationship with a purse expensive enough to warrant an insurance policy. When Richard catches Logan outside on the way to his car, he invites him in for a nightcap and asks a bunch of questions about the future of his relationship with Rory. Richard, who is now worried that Rory will end up like Emily (the horror), wants to make sure that Logan isn't planning on proposing any time soon. The conversation understandably freaks out Logan, who recounts the details to Rory in a mild panic.

When Emily comes over the next day with Edgar Pullings (Sam Menning), a man she clearly jailbroke from the nursing home so that he could fix her intercom, Rory tells her how uncomfortable the previous night's "Scotch talk" made Logan . Emily is shocked by Richard's behavior and says that she'll talk to him. She then skillfully initiates some girl talk and nearly orgasms on the spot when Rory tells her about the Birkin bag. Apparently, she has heavily hinted to Richard that she wants one, but he hasn't yet taken the bait.

At their usual bar spot, Kevin airs his frustrations about saying the (very) wrong things to his doc to his friends and Jenny. They don't see an issue with having a gay doctor but before the conversation can take on any sort of seriousness, Andre arrives donning head to toe pink. He looks like one of those creepy as f*ck emcees that work at sweet sixteens and spends the night sneaking sips from a flask that's hidden in a blow-up microphone. Andre alleges the outfit is for Breast Cancer Awareness month but the gang's not buyin' it.

Pete runs into a coworker at the bar, who is a babe. Kudos to Mark Duplass for continually getting the writers to let him fake-date hot chicks for SIX SEASONS STRAIGHT. Contrived or not, homeboy has game. His friends, however, don't seem to share the same enthusiasm about this new lady. This one is Asian, as was his last fling Rosette, and starting something with her would indicate that he has an "Asian thing." I'd lie and say I wasn't thinking that before they all said it but, hey, who would that be helping? I'm just here to tell it like it is. Pete, you have an "Asian thing," friend.

The Peaky Blinders soundtrack has always been carefully orchestrated and the use of songs in Peaky Blinders season 6 continued that tradition. Peaky Blinders season 6 concluded the main series' fun ahead of a movie set to conclude the primary storyline. However, creator Steven Knight has already indicated that the movie will serve to set up spin-off shows that can take place within the same universe, some of which appear to have already been teased by the Peaky Blinders season 6 finale.

Given all that Walt has done over the course of this series, it's really saying something that I have never found him more loathsome than he was on Sunday night, but this really might have been the all-time most fertile episode for awful Walt moments. So much to choose from: ordering Jack to kill Jesse, even after the shootout that ultimately claimed the lives of Hank and Gomie. Telling Jesse that he watched Jane die, just to twist the knife as much as possible before sending him off to his death at the hands of Jack & Co. (There's our answer for how Jesse would find out about that.)

Well the first thing making this a special event, is that his episode includes the last writing-credits to Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess, who were on the show as staff-writers since it began; who knew David Chase from back in those earlier shows he worked on. 041b061a72


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