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Pk De Sarkar English Grammar Book Pdf

Being a self-reference guide, higher English grammar and composition by pk de sarkar pdf comes with answers that will help you test your understanding after you are done with practicing various questions.

Pk De Sarkar English Grammar Book Pdf

Sarkar is best known for his seminal book on English grammar. It was first published in 1926 by Saraswaty Press with P Ghosh & Co as publishers.[5] At the time, the most popular English grammar books were the ones Henry Watson Fowler and John Nesfield. Sarkar's book focussed on the pedagogic needs of Indian students learning English grammar, and became very popular. Generations of students in West Bengal have used it to learn English grammar rather than the British ones. Sarkar continued to improve the book all through his life. Since his death in 1974, his eldest son, Pabitra Kumar De Sarkar (born 1932), continues to work on new editions. The family helps solve IAS questions of English, and incorporate the answers.[3] Now in its 50th edition, launched December 27, 2016,[5] the book sells over 20,000 copies annually.[3]

He went back to his village and took up a job as school teacher. He devoted his free time to write a grammar book in English language. He would try to find out the stumbling blocks in English grammar that impeded the smooth journey of Bengalis learning English. He probed specific areas where Bengali students floundered. Keeping these factors in mind, Prafulla Kumar continued his task vigorously and finally, completed his magnum opus, A Text Book of Higher English Grammar, Composition and Translation, which was first published in 1926.

At least 20,000 copies of his book are still sold annually. Prafulla Kumar De Sarkar died in 1974 at the age of 82. As long as he was alive, every year he used to make changes or rectify sections, add a few chapters or eliminate a few sections of the book to move with the times and make it up-to-date and contemporary. Bengalis will forever be grateful to this brilliant son of the soil who taught them not to be cowed down by the intricacies of English grammar and showed the way to tackle the hitches and master the language.


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