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The Lion King 4 Full Movie Fix Free Download

The sun was rising, the lions and lioness begin to wake up. Kiara looked around, then she was worried. She saw her mother outside sad and sleeping. "Kovu! Wake up!" Kiara said. Kovu tried to open his eyes. "What is it, Kiara?" he asked. "My father's gone! Where could he be?!" Kiara asked. Kovu woke up like a flash, worried and looking around. "I can't find him, either." "Kiara." Nala called. Kiara turned and saw her mother walking up to her. "Your father's time has past, now it's your turn to look after the pride lands. You are the new queen and Kovu, you are the new king."

The Lion King 4 Full Movie Free Download

The next day... "OUCH!" Kiara cried. "Hey! Your babies are coming out!" Kovu said excitedly. "Wha--" Kiara looked under her front legs and saw two lion cubs coming out. "OUCH!" Kiara cried again. "Stop it!" At last, the cubs landed one by one on the ground. Kiara smiled and walked to her two cubs, nuzzling it. "One is a girl and the other one is a boy! Congratulations Kiara!" said Kovu. The cub's eyes opened for the first time, his eyes were purple and his fur was black. The other cub's eyes opened as well, her eyes were blue and her fur was white. "Congratulations, Kiara..." said Nala. "I will name it, Leon. The future king. And I will name the other one Anna. The future queen." annouced Kiara. The lioness went to the new born cubs, surronding it and yelling out. " Hooray upcoming in 2024.

It's a sunrise through the Pride Lands that begin to grow again after it was taken over by the hyenas. When it's darkness, the sun will make everything bright. The animals who have returned from avoiding their fear for so many years were rising up, and marched in a herd. Hippos walked out from the water, birds left the trees and begin to fly, leopards jumped to the ground, monkeys were swinging around, and the zebras, antelopes and ostriches were running like the wind. There was no time for the leopards to hunt for prey or monkeys to get some bananas out of the trees. Or for the birds to find some worms to eat. They were walking to Pride Rock, home of the lions which is more known as a kingdom rules by male lions. The old mandrill Rafiki could see everyone arriving and was truly thankful. Simba who is the new king had to take his place after defeating his cruel uncle Scar to avenge his father Mufasa and was expecting his newborn cub in Nala's paw. It was a boy who woke up and looked into the eyes of his father. While Rafiki holds the cub, the new King and Queen along with Timon and Pumbaa went to the top and allowed every inhabitants of the place in Africa to see them. With Zazu arriving just in time to join the celebration, Rafiki walks right next to the King and Queen to let them and everyone across the kingdom see the new prince. The elephants started to make sounds from their trunks, baboons were jumping with curiousness, and everyone bowed for the prince. And in the sky was the spirit of Mufasa who have come to see his first grandchild and shining at him. Rafiki puts a red painting on the prince's forehead and kept holding him up. Since the late king of Pride Rock was a ruler, the same day to today was just like the day when Simba was born and present as prince. Now with him as king, his relationship with Nala made them parents of their new prince who spells for heart, Kopa. The new royal cub, and the sole heir to the throne. So everyone remained calm, and kept looking at the prince waiting for the moment to see him running around the Pride Lands like his father with a curious personality waiting to be king one day.

Someday when the sun was rising again, Kopa has grown a small brown mane, and ran playfully around the Pride Lands with his father. A great father and son time of royalty, with the kingdom safe, Simba had a good time to spend some time with his family once again. His time with Nala was very romantic, and with his son was the best now. If Kopa ends up in trouble, his just need to remember that his parents are always there for him, and they still will when Kopa becomes strong and fearless. They ran into Timon and Pumbaa who were picking some grubs out of the lab. They have a new home now, and must keep fetching some bugs to eat and wants Simba not forget to keep it as his favorite. The king swears will always keep eating what they eat. The fellas were wondering if the young prince is ready to try some of them, but Kopa looked grossed out of it was could try it later. So the father and son kept running around till they've deciding to go skating on lake and down the waterfall where all the Pridelanders were at. When Kopa ends up on dry land, he just had a nice day with his father and was ready for anything else. Simba was too, but thought taking a little break was more necessary. Nala just arrived and kinda looked pregnant. She and Simba had another cub named Kiara, princess of Pride Rock, and this one in her could possibly any of their children's gender. Simba thought Nala was taking care of their daughter, however, she was safe with her grandmothers. Nala just wanted to spend some time with her friends. And wanted to know if the boys had a good time, and hoped that Simba remembers to show their son what Mufasa showed him last time. Kopa was confused and asked what it was. But Simba will show him the big surprise tomorrow when the sun will rise up. When Kopa asked why, it's because since childhood of Simba, his father showed him the surprise at sunrise. So he much do the same for Kopa. It was getting late and time for the Pridelanders to hit back home. Nala needs to get some rest for that upcoming cub. Kopa sure was exited for his second sibling. And his parents are even exited for their third child to come.

But not all of Scar's henchmen were vanquished to their death. Some of them were still alive, and still on to the murder of Simba. They were all living in the Outlands and hidden in a volcano. Only lived with empty bellies and a bad personality. Shriek is a mischievous hyena who had a good relationship with Shenzi, Banzai and Ed and wouldn't do what they did to Scar. Snarl is merciless cape dog who had a bad relationship with Timon. When he tried to kill Simba, the meerkat defended him by punching him in the face with a rock. One-Eye is rogue a leopard with a scar over his left eye who enjoys eating mice and could even starve to death by looking into the eyes of Pumbaa. One of many predators who were trying to eat Simba, the warthog kicked the leopard off a cliff. And then there are the sneaky and spying vulture twins Chewa and Choyo. Had nothing but bones to chew like a dog. After being banished to the outlands, they didn't have many innocent animals to feet in their mouth. They all swear that Simba was too stubborn to allow them to remain in the Pride Lands and do what they want. But what they did to him calls for a banishment. Even one of them was too vengeful on finishing what Scar started. It was an elderly lion who goes by the name of Khãn. He was been one of Mohatu's pride, till he went selfish on sharing the water source. After he was banished Khãn swears a revenge, but it never happened. Over the years, he was still alive till he befriended with Mohatu's youngest grandson Scar and had a good relationship on taking over the Pride Lands. But when his nephew returned and killed him, Khãn was banished back to the Outlands and must get revenge on Simba instead. Which even be revenge on Mohatu. With all these predators and the Outlands Lions who remain in exile will help Khãn get what he wants, a revenge and justice for Scar. Not all of cruel animals died in the fire of Pride Rock, some still survived by avoiding the burn. Khãn kept himself alive, and has enough strength to challenge Simba one day. Cause when they'll fight, the new king could possibly be the one to lose, and the victory will belong to an elderly lion.

It was almost a sunrise through the Pride Lands, and all the lions were still asleep. Nala had Kiara sleeping in her paws, while Kopa slept right next to her and Simba. Till the king woke up and asked his son to get up to. But the prince was too sleepy and tired for that. But forgot that it's time to hear the big surprise. While Nala keeps resting with Kiara and her unborn cub, Simba and Kopa went on the top of Pride Rock seeing their kingdom and the sun making everything brighter. That was the big surprise. Simba explained to Kopa that showing him the Pride Lands was the same thing Mufasa did, when he was about his age. Everything the light touches is their kingdom. A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. And one day when Kopa is grown from the grass, and has mane growing to the heart, everything will rise with him as the new king, just like it happened with Simba. Kopa was surprised to learn that he will be the one to rule their kingdom in the future. Thats because he is royalty and Simba's first born. Those who are born before their siblings, will take their parents' place. Following the same thing that Mufasa said to Simba up here is what he remembers, and now it's time for Kopa to members these word right now. And who he is. Simba's first born, and the sole heir to his throne. And also needs to remember that they gotta avoid the Outlands, no Pride Lander can go near those places. Simba disobeyed his father's words, and will not do that again. And that's why Kopa needs to follow his fathers word by never taking a step to the Outlands. He will do his best to be a wise prince and a wise king when his time has come. Simba never did his best to become a great king since remaining in self-exile, but will do his best to be a good king for a long time and protect his family. Since Scar only had Sarabi in the family, he was never protective to her or the other lions, he was just protecting himself from being overthrown, till he was by Simba. Now the lions are protected once again. Kopa learned that his great-uncle was real creep and hopes no one will ever bow to him again.

Kopa heads from Pride Rock to meet up with his friends. Nzuri and her younger brother Afua who is Kopa's best friend were having a bath from their mother. But when Kopa arrived, he said there were some great news that he wants to tell them, and asked what they think it is. Well they know that Kopa just got a little brother today. Not just that, one day it will be his time to take the place of Kings by become one. Well the siblings know that, like everyone does. Their mother explained that if Kopa is Simba's eldest child, then it will be him that will rule the kingdom one day. He got to see the whole kingdom and everything that the light touches and how it will rise with him one day. Then Afua asked who the future queen is going to be, and was hoping it could be his sister. Kopa could have feelings for Nzuri, cause ever since they became friends, he has been flirting with her a lot. Kopa wonders if that would happen in the future. But now that the great news were delivered, the prince was hoping his friends had enough time to spend with him. Their mother was hoping if it would be all right with her, so they are free to go with Kopa. Just need to remember that going near the Outlands is forbidden. The first thing that Kopa, Nzuri and Afua were doing is going down the water source getting a little thirst. But something was moving in the grass behind them. When the kids turned around to see what's going on. They thought it might be Timon and Pumbaa after coming out of the grass. They were sent by Simba be watch over their beloved prince. Kopa might need to understand that he's not old enough to take care of himself. When he's a cub and goes somewhere, he needs help. But when he's a grown lion, he will be able to take care of himself at last. It won't be a problem to grow up, cause it's Hakuna Matata. Kopa and his friends have heard that before and wants to know what it is. The boys begin to sing about Hakuna Matata and when Timon was a young meerkat. While singing and hanging with Timon and pumbaa, Kopa learned that grubs aren't bad after all. It's slimy, yet satisfied.


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