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Tranny Love 3

I would like to tell you about our experience with the Transmission Slip fix. I have a 2000 Buick Century with over 150,000 miles on it. 4 years ago it began having a hard shift issue. We took it to a very well reputed transmission repair shop. The estimate given was $1400 to start. As a family with limited resources this was a devastating amount. Faced with attempting to find the money or find another source of transportation I began to do some research. Your company is well known for it's great products and we decided to use the Transmission Fix. On the very first use, the very first test drive immediate and amazing results were seen. It is 4 years later and the car is still running great. Every 6 months a new bottle and transmission service has kept it going. We recently had the opportunity to take it on a 300 mile trip with hills! It worked perfectly. We are now firm believers in ALL your fine products, and tell everyone our fabulous experience with them. Looking forward to seeing you at SEMA this year. I would love to shake the hand of the man who started it all, Mr. Forest Lucas!

tranny love 3

drove Seattle to North Carolina and back, 6000 miles total. 5 miles away from N.C. my transmission failed and wouldn't engage any gears, did a tranny flush and put in your stop slip and drove it home 2900 miles up mountain passes and all. had to flush the tranny with lucas 3 times on the way home but we made it. just wanted to say that without your product i wouldn't have made it 5 miles. Thanks for all your great products, I will be promoting Lucas oil products from now on. blown tranny made it 2900 miles with nothing more then lucas tranny stop slip!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 041b061a72


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