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Monster X

At somepoint during the war, Monster X was sent to the Devonian home planet when the Kilaaks invade the ocean planet. Monster X engaes in battle with the Kilaak's kaiju, Hedorah. However, the battle between the space monsters eventually results in the destruction of the Devonians' planet. Near the end of the war after the Xilians were destroyed, Monster X wander aimlessly around the galaxies. In the modern era, he came across SpaceGodzilla, who recruited him to help him conqueror Terra.

Monster X


In 2008, Monster X comes to invade Terra alongside SpaceGodzilla, Gigan and Hedorah, with Monster X taking the form of the large meteor as they travel through space. As they enter Terra's atmosphere the four space monsters split up and attack different cities across the globe. Monster X lands in New York City and takes on his skeletal-kaiju form. As Monster X is about to destroy the Empire State building he is stopped by Mothra. The divine moth uses her Mana Bolts to gain the upper hand but Monster X fires his Gravity Beam at Mothra, causing her great pain and sending her crashing into the Brooklyn Bridge, taking down the divine moth. Monster X then continues to decimate the entire city. Soon Monster X is confronted by both Kiryu and Kumonga. Monster X is pinned by Kumonga's webbing but managed to free himself before he grabs Kumunga. Monster X begins to squeeze the spider's body in hands until his joints pop and he then throws the crippled spider into Kiryu. As the alien and the mecha battle, Monster X finishes Kiryu off by firing his gravity beams at it, sending it into the Hudson River.

With his transformation fully complete, Kaiser Ghidorah fires his Anti-Gravity Bolts at Godzilla and manages to overpower his Atomic Breath, sending the saurian flying across the Hudson River and crashing into to the Statue of Liberty. Before his opponent can get up, Kaiser Ghidorah fires again and sends Godzilla crashing into the Manhattan Bridge. Godzilla soon recovers and blasts Kaiser Ghidorah with the Atomic Breath. Angered, Kaiser Ghidorah fires his Anti-Gravity Bolts at Godzilla and actually lifts him off the ground and starts to lift him higher and higher into the air with said attack. When Godzilla is high enough, Kaiser Ghidorah powers off his attack and lets Godzilla crash to the ground. Kaiser Ghidorah crashes on Godzilla feet first. Before Kaiser Ghidorah can attack again, Rodan arrives to help Godzilla. Rodan attacks Kaiser Ghidorah from behind his head using his talons but Kaiser Ghidorah retaliates. Unfortunately for the space monster, Rodan uses his Sonic Wing Beat to actually decapitate Kaiser Ghidorah's central head. Kaiser Ghidorah uses his remaining two heads to blast Rodan with Anti-Gravity Bolts, sending the pternadon soaring like a comet. However Godzilla recovers and attacks Kaiser Ghidorah. He uses his left head to bite Godilla's throat as the right launches towards Godzilla. However Godilla grabs the right head and forces it to bite the left head off. Kaiser Ghidorah is then forced down by Godzilla's Atomic Breath and Godzilla stomps his foot on the last remaining head and crushes its skull, killing Kaiser Ghidorah.

We liked the new Auxiliary function that was included on the Monster X. What is that? The X comes with an extra wire that plugs into the 3rd or 4th channel of your receiver. Once turned on through the Castle link software, you can change various settings from your transmitter while driving. We programmed our X to reduce the throttle level from 100% to 10% when we hit a 3rd channel switch on our 4PKS. This worked liked a charm for handing off an over powered monster truck to a noobie.

Keizer Ghidorah, also known by his previous form named Monster X, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Controller X) of the Godzilla film Godzilla: Final Wars. He is a monster of the Xiliens summoned by X through the Gorath asteroid to help conquer Earth. He is the archenemy of Godzilla.

During the showdown, Controller X, the superior of Monster X, was destroyed along with his ship, leaving Monster X in full command as the sole leader. Eventually, the beam attacks between the two monsters collided and knocked them both off their feet. Godzilla got to his feet to watch Monster X undergo a terrible transformation into Keizer Ghidorah - his ultimate and unrepressed form.

This horrifying space monster blasted his enemy with his gravity beams, using them to knock Godzilla to the ground, and then drag him all around the city. Keizer Ghidorah then sank his fangs into Godzilla, absorbing the King of the Monsters' very life force. However, the Gotengo fired a beam at Godzilla that gave him the power of Keizer, ancient energy that greatly increased the abilities of the one who possessed it. This allowed the King of the Monsters to free himself of Keizer Ghidorah's grip and blast him with his energized atomic blast, severing one of the heads.

Monster X is a major antagonist and the Bigger Bad in the comic series Godzilla by IDW. Monster X and his fellow space monsters SpaceGodzilla, Hedorah, and Gigan invaded the Earth, forcing the United States military to free the various kaiju contained on Monster Island so they could fight the space monsters off. Monster X attacked New York City, where he was intercepted by Mothra. After defeating Mothra, Monster X was then attacked by Godzilla, Kiryu, and Kumonga, but was joined by SpaceGodzilla. The space monsters defeated Kumonga and knocked Kiryu into submission, but SpaceGodzilla was frozen by a blast of Kiryu's Absolute Zero and subsequently defeated when Godzilla finished him with his atomic breath. With only Monster X and Godzilla still standing, Monster X transformed into his true form, Keizer Ghidorah. Keizer Ghidorah dominated his weakened and smaller opponent, tossing him into the sky and blasting him across New York City with his gravity beams.

Once upon a time, this world was ruled by beasts. Humans no longer sat on top of the food chain, becoming the monsters' prey. However, those who would stand up against the monsters gathered together and they continued to battle against the monsters in order to survive against their rule. Since then, hundreds of years have passed... and now the "fight" against the monsters has become the "hunt" for the monsters.

The episode starts with Jet continuing to travel through Arizona to find Monster X. He meets an alien who he thinks is Monster X and the two battle, with Jet being victorious. However, the alien reveals that he isn't the leader, nor has he killed anyone. He takes Jet to Monster X, who wants to referred to as "Keizer." Keizer states that he knows everything, like how Jet seeks revenge, Rodan's supposed death, and the leader of the LESBIANS, which reveals that he isn't the leader. He then reveals that he comes from the same planet as the alien and that their planet sends "agents" to come to Earth. And the most recent agent's death (King Ghidorah) affected him dearly. This also reveals that Keizer is a Ghidorah (despite not resembling one). It turns out that both Jet and Keizer want revenge on a common enemy for a common reason. Keizer reveals that the leader is a monster named Destoroyah. He tells the robot to go with Alien X to find the leader, kill him, and bring him his wing. As the duo is trying to find Destoroyah, they bump into the LESBIANS, who plan to attack them. After the "Subscribe!" screen, another QR code is shown from Mechagodzilla, who is still being thrown in time.

Monster X was summoned by the Xiliens from the Gorath asteroid, which has unknown origins. Keizer Ghidorah is a form of Monster X. It is unknown if the Xiliens themselves created Monster X or if he was simply discovered by them. After Gorath impacted Tokyo and destroyed the city in the process, Monster X emerged and fought Godzilla in a titanic battle until both kaiju entered a beam-lock, after which he transformed into Keizer Ghidorah and quickly turned the tables against the King of the Monsters. It was only after Godzilla received an incredible boost in power from the Gotengo that he was finally able to defeat the terrible space monster, sending the creature into low Earth orbit with his atomic breath, where he exploded.

Mulder seeks out the soul eater, a monster of Native American folklore, in the hopes that it can cure his brain disease. But when Mulder realizes that the soul eater takes on the diseases that it devoured, he tries to end its life out of mercy. Mulder fails, but John Doggett (Robert Patrick) inadvertently kills the monster when Doggett dies and it heals him by eating his death.

Mulder and Scully look into a string of New Jersey deaths that are cannibalistic in nature and resemble the folklore tale of The Jersey Devil. Eventually, the female monster attacks Mulder and he lays eyes on the potential missing link between animal and human. After she is killed, the episode ends with one of her children watching hikers hungrily.

powerful opponent in the film.Monster XAliasKeizer GhidorahSpeciesGhidorahHeight120First AppearanceGodzilla: Final WarsMonster X was summoned by the Xilians as their trump card against Godzilla, coming to earth inside a meteor. Godzilla and Monster X commenced battle, with Monster X holding an initial advantage, and then fought to a standstill. Mothra arrived to even the odds, and in response, the Xilians sent out the upgraded Gigan, who quickly dispatched her, and then assisted Monster X. Monster X and Gigan were briefly able to overcome Godzilla, when Mothra attacked once more and knocked both of them down. Gigan resumed his battle with Mothra, and was killed. Although Monster X had the advantage because the leader of the Xilians is controlling Monster X,Godzilla soon seemed to gain the upper hand as he knocked the other monster down and punched him multiple times. Finally they split apart and Monster X and Godzilla locked beams, causing a massive explosion which blew the kaiju off their feet. 041b061a72


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