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The Hard Way [Extra Quality]

There is nothing very remarkable about "The Hard Way," except for its comic energy, but the energy of this movie is everything, reminding me of the wisecracking, hard-boiled screwball comedies of the 1940s, back when they assumed the audience knew how to listen fast. You have to listen really fast during this movie, but what you get is an earful of James Woods in full flower, and Michael J. Fox so hyper he ventilates.

The Hard Way

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Woods plays the kind of role where, if they hadn't been able to hire him, they would have had to shut down the movie. Who else could play this rapid-fire, angry, violent, foul-mouthed, insecure, sneaky and lying but lovable rascal? He's the toughest cop in New York, the kind who rams his police car into the back of a truck because he's late for a date. I have seen some James Woods movies I didn't enjoy, but it's hard to remember them - the names of few other actors give you more of a guarantee that you will not be bored and will possibly be electrified.

Absolutely nothing replaces hard work. No shortcuts, no 5 steps to success, no secrets. This may come either as a blessing or a curse depending on how one looks at it. But, what makes the hard way so important for men is not just the end result, but the character built along the way.

The hard way may be scoffed at as old-fashioned, but it produces integrity and strength far more meaningful and concrete than any gold star along the way. This method of living produces men who remain faithful to their wives and children, decade after decade. Men who refuse to sacrifice their integrity for short-term results or gain. Men who at the end of the day are fulfilled with the fruit of their labor. Men who finish a marathon rather than simply starting a million sprints.

If we can develop in ourselves a certain zeal for the hard things in life we will reap the benefits for years to come. Not only victories won along the way and character developed, but a fulfilled life at the end of the day. As legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once put it:

find out the hard way (third-person singular simple present finds out the hard way, present participle finding out the hard way, simple past and past participle found out the hard way)

To address the complexity in this experience, we have been designing a new Terraform module specifically to skip the hard parts of deploying serverless applications behind a Cloud HTTPS Load Balancer.

Nobody likes to lose money. But I would argue that one positive to come from the downturn of 2022 is how it finally broke the new wave of irrational exuberance that took over the markets after the last major crash in 2008. Sure, the 2020 pandemic was rough but it was only a brief pause followed by an equally swift bounce that arguably made investors more over-confident than ever in their ability to deal with a down market. But now, for the first time in a generation investors are seriously talking about the dangers of volatile markets and the importance of risk mitigation. Maybe we all had to learn the hard way, but the lesson is finally sinking in.

Conclusions: Many women who succeeded felt that they had "learned the hard way" and some of those who did not, felt they were perceived as "bad mothers" and women who had in some way "failed" at one of the earliest tasks of motherhood. What women perceived to be staff perceptions affected how they saw themselves and what they took away from their early experience of infant feeding.

First, the harder version. This dish is most distinguished by the use of five different types of dried chilies, though one of them is optional. Each with its own flavor and characteristics, these form the base on which all of the other flavors are constructed.

The relatively easy version of mole poblano comes from Jim Peyton, the author of several Mexican cookbooks. His version uses only one type of chili, ancho. That means much of the complexity is gone right there, and many of the spices that are used even in small amounts in the harder version are also missing. And some of the cooking techniques that allow the flavors to meld and mature have also been bypassed in the service of speed and ease of making.

Those who know me know I seek risk and opportunity. If I am such a driven opportunist, why would I ever consider making my life harder than it need be? Why would I choose the hard way out? Because that is what it takes to SUCCEED.

Every time I choose the hard route, I create doubt. Those around me question whether I can actually succeed. Nothing motivates me more than being doubted. If you question my decision you are simply motivating me to succeed even more. 041b061a72


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