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Everett Miller
Everett Miller

Bullet In The Head Full Movie Free Download ##BEST##

Everyone is in top form. That's not to say the recent action film mania for head-spinning camera movement, gimmicky freeze-frames and over-the-top explosions of gore don't get in the way. But with Stallone as its center of gravity, Bullet to the Head delivers exactly what it proposes to, and you can't ask for more than that.

Bullet in the Head full movie free download

I only bought this because it was part of "The John Woo Collection" and having watched it I'm glad that I bought it as it is a good film although it isn't as good as "The Killer" or "Hard Boiled". The action doesn't stop from the beginning to the end. I was expecting it to be a war film as it is mostly set in Vietnam during the war however it is really an action film that happens to be set during a war.Three friends decide to flee from Hong Kong when the police are after them for the killing of a local gang leader. They decide to head to Saigon believing they will be able to make a quick buck selling items they brought with them on the black market. Unfortunately for them their items are destroyed when a bomber blows up the taxi they were in during an attack on a high ranking ARVN officer. After witnessing the summary execution of the bomber they realise what they need to make money in Saigon is a gun. They soon meet up with their contact and acquire guns, with these they steal a crate of gold from a local gangster, in the process they rescue a singer who gets wounded in the escape. Their escape plan does not go as well as planned and they find themselves prisoners of the NVA. I've tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum so as not to spoil the story for those who have yet to see it.As one would expect from a John Woo film there is plenty of action, in fact there is hardly a scene that doesn't involve fighting or shooting. The action looks good if a little unbelievable; our pistol carrying friends seem to be able to beat machine-gun carrying ARVN and NVA soldiers along with a hoard of gangsters. I'd recommend this to anybody who likes action films or is interested in seeing a Vietnam movie that isn't centred on the Americans.

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Miller, a native of Logansport, served in Company K of the 9th Indiana Infantry during the Civil War. In one of his numerous battles, Miller was struck squarely in the forehead with a bullet, which tore a jagged hole and entered his brain, allowing doctors to view the pulsations of his brain. The wound never healed.

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