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Amateur Blogs Porn is a Netherlands porn site that was registered back on 14th December 2010. Since then the site has had to kick ass in order to bring you the best sexy amateur men and women's photo galleries. As a result, it has been ranked position 3,052 in the world's amateur porn sites ratings. Besides, its popularity sums up to a total of 140,000 visitors daily presently.

amateur blogs porn

Download File:

Nude amateur mature women photo galleriesThere are loads of cougars and MILFS nude photo galleries of sexy grown ass sweet girls getting down to naughty action. These include; threesomes, group sex, blowjobs/ cock sucking, inserting sex toys in their pussies and ass holes, showing off their ripe boobies, with cum on their faces, dicks in their asses, hairy and hairless pussies with pinkie lips and much more. All authentically submitted by sick old fellows. Like you would expect the photos are not of stellar quality and you can either view or download them individually and not in zip files.

Nude amateur mature men photo galleriesThere are quite a number of dick photos and galleries featured although a few. They are of various sizes, some long, medium, short and even micro; you know what I mean; huge balls with a rabbit tail. Hairy and hairless nude bodies, pink tips some of which have cum dripping out of them. Totally sick!

Weekly top 10Amateur blogs has a section dedicated to the weekly most viewed and downloaded photos or galleries. This mainly consists of the hottest mature women whose bodies have survived the claws of old age. The old girls featured on this section still have the curves, full breasts, beautiful eyes, and round bums. I suggest you check out this section before you waste any of your limited chats.

What I like about the siteThere are lots of photo galleries to be viewed both for the amateur mature males and females. The photo scenes are also totally hot especially for the mature ladies with still somehow young bodies who are captured doing all manner of naughty stuff from group sex, masturbating with sex toys, giving blow jobs, getting fucked among others. Also, the site is easy to use with options to manage mails, manage friends and others which makes it an old-school social media platform.

ConclusionNow you know where to spend your lonely old days. Perhaps you might even be able to convince your old girl to go back at it as you guys record yourselves and share the photos with other old naughty souls out there. Also, you will be able to enjoy loads of amateur mature men and women erotic photos as well as be part of an awesome totally messed up community.

So, homemade smut is just like you would expect it to be. The genre is popular and getting even more so, as the public increasingly wants to see actual amateurs in action, rather than professionals whose onscreen antics have grown stale and repetitive.

And as homemade smut has gotten better quality-wise, more and more sites have opted to focus on that genre only. Of course, you can always find homemade smut on the likes of Reddit, Pornhub, and XVideos, but nothing can beat taking your one-eyed snake to a site that deals in nothing but the hottest homemade porn on the planet, and loads of these sites will be covered sooner or later by yours truly in proper PornGuy style!

For real, most homemade porn sites have tons of categories and these tend to be content-packed. And the amount of amateur porn released these days means most of these sites enjoy daily updates, with new stuff getting crammed in on the double and this new stuff tend to be better than the ones you were fapping to just yesterday, showcasing increasingly sophisticated techniques, but retaining that smoky amateur flavor that makes cum eruptions inevitable! Oh, the wonders of technology!

Well, you could say I am trustworthy as fuck just because I am the PornGuy and I happen to breathe, eat and live porn sites. Yeah, all porn sites and not just homemade ones endlessly fascinate me and I can spend hours delightedly roving through the offerings of this and that porn site, eagerly marking areas of interest, things that need improvement, and stuff that needs to be applauded.

I might goof off now and then but I am one serious fucker when it comes to reviewing all porn sites and few can do it better than I can. I give you both the good and bad news without sugarcoating anything and you can either accept what I have to say or take a trip to the nearest railroad and see if a rolling fuck with a speeding Amtrack might be something you can accomplish!

To be brief, you can rely on me because my track record shows I can be relied on to deliver the best and if you want a better guarantee you can just cut off my ball sack and sell it on eBay the first moment I give a shoddy review of any porn site on my page! But then giving you access to my beloved ball sack might not be the best idea in the world!

For sure I do. See, first of all, you need to note that the internet never forgets. That means you better not even think of shooting and releasing a homemade porn clip unless you are very okay with people wanking to it forever. And once a clip is released, getting it deleted from the net is almost impossible, mostly because folks like me with a homemade fetish make a point of downloading stuff and periodically uploading it just because we can.

There are also tons of homemade porn clips out there, going back nearly a hundred years if not more and marking out a niche for yourself will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. So it would be best not to go into the homemade clip sector with the mindset of becoming the top dog on the morrow. Just do the best you can with the best-looking partner(s) you can find and see what follows. And be prepared to change location if you release a homemade porn clip that folks in your area for religious and other reasons have an aversion to.

I made a porn. Well I shot two scenes but porn by any other name is still somebody fucking on camera. Have I always wanted to film a porn? No. I use porn sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. What I'm saying here is when I can't cum I watch a porn. Most of the time I nerd out by reading some sort of erotic fiction involving a woman getting nailed by the bejeweled handle of the sword of the Captain of the Guard but that doesn't always work. When it fails me I turn to the Internet, everyone's best friend/worst enemy. I don't really have any favorites. I prefer two women because that provides what I require visually, otherwise it's heavy on the beej jobs and tons of cum shots through the heart. I suppose I'm an artist in that respect. I need to dig a little deeper.

A few hours later I received an email from his model coordinator letting me know I was oh-so-adorable and if it wasn't too last minute could I pop up to New York next weekend to shoot some porn y'all! That's when I realized we were actually talking about porn here. I went back and forth, listing the usual pros and cons:

It helps that James Deen is what I like to call a bit of a hipster porn star. He is respected both within and outside of the porn community and feminists the world over really dig him. Why he's even done a non-pornographic film written by the amazingly talented Bret Easton Ellis and starring the formerly talented Lindsay Lohan. This wouldn't have happened if it was with 95 percent of the men I've seen doing porn... big dicks, bigger stomachs.

The first thing I wanted to do was tell my mother about my plan (this is a great sentence to write immediately after referencing big dicks). My mother is fairly progressive. She's not the inappropriate drinking with her underage children cool mom. She's just very forward-thinking. I knew she wouldn't disapprove and would only be concerned in the way a mom would be in a situation like this. I told her while we were in the car. As I was assuring her that nothing could go wrong, literally as I am uttering the words; a story came on NPR about a recent HIV outbreak in the porn industry. OH COME ON.

The first rule of porn club is, get tested. The second rule of porn club is, get tested. The third rule of porn club is, smile! Let me be very clear about one thing... I do not like needles. I have 10 tattoos but something about blood donating/vaccination needles has always given me pause. Could it possibly be because they are so large it would appear they are about to penetrate your very soul. Could that be it??? It's probably because I have small veins, or so I've been told. It takes even the most accomplished nurse at least two tries before they can find one, all while giggling about how tiny they are. This trip to the doctor was no exception. Although this time was extra fun because they required three vials of my blood. I assume that's one vial for every letter in HIV. Jesus Christ. I almost died. Lucky for me I aced that test. I am Less Than Patient Zero. I shared the good news with Deen's press agent and received this email from Mr. Deen himself:

first off, hi, i am james . now that is done... i was told you went and got tested yesterday. i was wondering what days would be best for us to shoot? also, what type of stuff are you into, what you envision for this scene, would you want to do more than one scene, is there a place you would feel comfortable shooting? all that type of stuff. basically i just want to make sure to provide you with the perfect porno experience and that we have as much fun as imaginable. i look forward to meeting you.

I immediately felt comfortable. I had never seen any of his films. Friends that had told me he was occasionally somewhat rough with women but this email proved that all activities were decided upon beforehand and it let me know that this is MY porn and I'll cry, get spanked, get tied up if I want to.

I'm very good at travel research. I weirdly love planning a trip almost as much as I love going on the trip itself. I started researching hotels in New York with only one criteria in mind: find a room that is the least porntastic as possible. Out of curiosity I watched one of Deen's amateur videos. The only thing I could think the entire time was why didn't this girl make her bed? I could not get past the fact that her bed was so disheveled. I was determined to avoid a similar fate. Once I found a lovely room I booked my train and that was it. 041b061a72


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