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How To Get Quest Id Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has twelve console quests commands, like console commands that set all primary quests as completed. Other quest commands that help with teleporting to quest targets, resetting quests, completing all objectives in a particular quest, displaying all the stages of quests, and more.

how to get quest id fallout 4

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A console is a powerful in-game tool used to execute commands. It is accessed by using the tilde () key at any time of the game. A command is a short line of code similar to a .ini file setting. At times quest IDs, names, and or values are required for a command to work. Other times they are optional or not applicable.

To execute a command, you type it in the console followed by its ID, name, and value if one or both are required, and then push the enter key. However, toggle commands toggle settings off and on. With that said, are the quest console commands?

Fallout 4 features an expanded quest system, compared to that of previous Fallout games. In addition to the usual main quest line, side and miscellaneous quests have been added. The game also includes a "radiant quest system". These radiant quests use randomized characters, locations and other elements and often can be repeated infinitely. The add-ons include their own selection of main, side, miscellaneous and radiant quests which can be completed at almost any point during or after the main storyline, and which can even interact with the main quests in some ways.

The game does not end after the finale of act three. Instead, it continues with new post-story content, while the outcomes of the main quests have a visible impact on the world. This, combined with the endless number of radiant quests and the lack of any level cap, significantly extends the potential length of playing the game.

Act three begins when the Sole Survivor acquires the ability to fast-travel to and from the Institute at the end of Institutionalized. At this point, the main quest's structure splits into four different branches, one for each of the four main factions. Certain events in those factions' quests can make other factions hostile to the Sole Survivor, thus locking them from those branches and failing all of that faction's ongoing quests. In some situations, this can be delayed (or even accelerated) with certain actions or certain dialogue choices.

Should the player character decide to oppose the Institute by supporting any of the other three factions, the main quest ends with The Nuclear Option quest (there are actually three variants of the same quest, one for each faction opposing the Institute). However, should the Sole Survivor join and support the Institute, the main quest ends with the Nuclear Family quest.

A list of all Gamebryo quest IDs in Fallout: New Vegas. These IDs and stages are useful for fixing broken quests. Use the console command setstage . Please note that some quests do not have stages.

The quest stage details below are listed in case you get stuck on a quest and want to use a console command to advance it. For all repeatable quests and the Reformed Institute side quests, if you have an issue or simply don't feel like doing the quest anymore and want to reset it, you can ask the quest provider (person or terminal) to stop the quest, and you won't need a console command.If you decide to use a console command, the "xx" below in the quest ID's should be replaced by the order of the mod in your load order (e.g. replace xx with 34 if the mod is 34th in your load order). To find the full quest ID, use console command: help 4.To advance a quest stage, use console command: setstage questid stage#, e.g. setstage 01234567 20.Advancing a quest with a console command is a last resort if nothing else works. Watching one of the play-through videos below to find a hint should be attempted before using console commands. If you're stuck on a quest not listed below, check the Outcasts and Remnants quest details page or the Fusion City Rising quest details page.Main Quests1) In A Darkened Room: Quest ID xx009926, Editor ID: PV_FindValkyrie, Stages:10 Investigate Cabot House.20 Gain access to Parsons Insane Asylum and find Valkyrie.30 Access the terminal to unlock Valkyrie's cell door.40 Talk to Valkyrie.50 Help Valkyrie escape the asylum.60 Speak with Valkyrie.Help Valkyrie escape Parsons Insane Asylum. Auto-starts after installing the mod, or head to Cabot House and read the desk terminal on second floor. Play-through video here.2) Malpractice: Quest ID: xx01A461, Editor ID: PV_ValkyrieMedicalQuest, Stages:10 Ask Valkyrie if she needs help with anything.20 Explore Medford Memorial Hospital for clues about Valkyrie's abduction.30 Investigate Kendall Hospital in Cambridge for details on the DNA profile.40 Search Mass Bay Medical for specifics on the abduction plan.50 Talk to Valkyrie about what you found.Investigate local hospitals to help Valkyrie figure out why she was abducted. Play-through video here.3) Heir to the Throne: Quest ID: xx01D25D, Editor ID: PV_ValkyrieMilitaryQuest, Stages:10 Talk to Valkyrie.20 Visit Valkyrie's old apartment and help her find her gear.30 Give Valkyrie her gear.40 Search the apartment for any notes from Vanessa.50 Read the 'Note from Vanessa'.60 Talk to Valkyrie.70 Explore USAF Satellite Station for clues as to Vanessa's fate.80 Chat with Valkyrie about the next steps.Explore Valkyrie's military past and obtain a new player home. Play-through video here.4) Wag the Dog: Quest ID: xx098098, Editor ID: OAR_PrydwenQuest, Stages:10 Talk to Fiona McBride at the B.O.G Bunker about the Liberty Prime Codes.20 Talk to Owen.30 Escort Owen to the safe house to visit his mom.40 Talk to Owen's mom.50 Investigate the disturbance.60 Talk to Sarah.70 Gather any supplies you need and search for intel on Sarah.80 Talk to Sarah.90 Search the nearby town for Brotherhood hostiles.100 Kill the squad leader and search for any intel.110 Read the "Orders from Kells".120 Make sure all the enemies are dead, then talk to Sarah.130 Warn Chase about the Brotherhood ambush.140 Talk to Sarah.150 Look for a secret room and grab any intel there.160 Talk to Sarah.165 Access the Prydwen Command Deck.170 Follow Sarah until she reaches Maxson, then talk to Maxson.180 Talk to Sarah (violent).190 Talk to Sarah (peaceful).200 Follow Sarah until she finds Kells, then confront Captain Kells with her.220 Follow Sarah until she finds Quinlan, then confront Proctor Quinlan with her.240 Talk to Sarah.260 Check back in with Fiona.270 Talk to SarahMeet three new companions and take over the Brotherhood of Steel. Play-through video here.5) The Revolution Will not be Televised: Quest ID: xx0DCFAE, Editor ID: OAR_InstituteQuest, Stages:10 Talk to Sarah.15 Head to Club Snuggle.20 Talk to Carter Beckett.30 Retrieve the Teleport Gun components from Jimbo's Tower.40 Retrieve the Teleport Gun components from the Now Leasing Tower.50 Return the Teleport Gun components to Carter.60 Talk to Dr. Zimmer.70 Check back in with Carter.80 Head to Dr. Ayo's quarters in the Institute.90 Load Zimmer's Holotape onto Ayo's Terminal to initiate the security shutdown.100 Equip your Teleportation Gun and talk to Clayton Holdren (before you shoot him).110 Kill Holdren or banish him with the Teleportation Gun, then confront Isaac Karlin.120 Kill Karlin or banish him with the Teleportation Gun, then confront Alana Secord.130 Kill or banish Alana Secord, banish anyone else you want, then talk to Allie Filmore.140 Report your success to Carter Beckett.150 Talk to Sawyer.160 Check in with Sarah.170 Convince Desdemona to stand down, or kill her.180 Report back to Sarah.190 Convince Preston to stand down, or teleport him to prison.200 Check back with Sawyer.250 Access the Reformed Institute and talk to Carter.260 Visit your new Director's quarters.Help Dr. Carter Beckett overthrow the Institute's management. Play-through video here.Brotherhood of Steel Side QuestsBreak The Wheel: Quest ID: xx1381B7, Editor ID: OAR_BreakTheWheel, Stages:10 Investigate the Cambridge Police Station for signs of dissenters.20 Access the information on Knight Rhys' Holotape30 Read Scribe Haylen's terminal behind the first floor lobby desk, then talk to Haylen.40 Access the Sentinel Site in the Glowing Sea and eliminate any resistance.50 Secure the area.60 Confront Rhys.70 Retrieve the nuclear launch codes.80 Use the "Radio B.O.G. Holotape" to call the B.O.G. for backup.100 Talk to Scribe Haylen.200 Report back to Sarah.250 Invite Scribe Haylen to join Lyons' Pride.Help Sarah fight off the Brotherhood resistance to her becoming Elder. Get your revenge on Rhys, and take Scribe Haylen as a companion. Play-through video here.Peace Through Superior Firepower: Quest ID: xx0A4180, Editor ID: OAR_LibertyPrimeBattleQuest, Stages:10 Visit Liberty Prime near the Boston Airport parking structure.20 Recruit Liberty Prime and use him to help take back Quincy.30 Eradicate the Gunner facists.40 Spread democracy in West Roxbury.50 Neutralize the Super Mutant commies.60 Initiate a preemptive strike on the hostiles in South Boston.70 Destroy the enemies of Democracy.80 Let freedom ring in Trinity Plaza.90 Annihilate the communist sympathizers.100 Liberate Salem.110 Depopulate the area.Help Liberty Prime spread murder and democracy throughout the Commonwealth. The quest auto-starts at end of Wag the Dog. Play-through video here.Reformed Institute Side QuestsIf you have any trouble with the quests below, just ask the quest giver (NPC or terminal) to cancel the quest.Igor, Fetch me the brain! (Deathclaw terminal in main Bioscience)Cold as Ice (Facilities terminal in back part of Bioscience)Dirty Laundry (Facilities terminal in back part of Bioscience)It's not a Party without Patrons (Wall terminal in Club S.R.B overlooking the pool)Adventures in Voyeurism (Desk terminal in Rosalind Orman's apartment)Institute Tech Retrieval (ask Evan Watson for work, he's usually in Advanced Systems)Feral Ghoul Extermination (ask Alan Binet for work, he's usually in Robotics)Super Mutant Extermination (ask Nathan Filmore for work, he's usually in Advanced Systems)Random Side QuestsLost in Transit: Quest ID: xx0245E0, Editor ID: PV_ValkyrieShipment, Stages:10 Search the NH&M Freight Depot for the personal effects mentioned in Vanessa's shipping receipt.20 Read the 'Letter from Vanessa'.30 Talk to Valkyrie and give her the letter from Vanessa.Start the quest by looting the note off Vanessa's corpse in the intel room of USAF Satellite Station. Play-through video to start the quest here.There are no quest markers. The NH&M Freight Depot building is located southeast of Diamond City other side of freeway. To obtain access to the building, complete the vanilla quest "The Big Dig" with Bobbi in Goodneighor. Play-through video of accessing the building is here.Owen Repeatable Side QuestsAsk Owen for work to get the quest (or sometimes to turn in the quest). If you have any trouble with the quest and want to cancel, there will be an option to do so under the "Got Any Work" menu option. All these quests are repeatable to new locations.Partnership for a Drug-Free CommonwealthScavenger Hunt & Collect 'em AllExploring New Places with OwenValkyrie Repeatable Side QuestsOnce you've completed "Heir to the Throne", Valkyrie can give you side quests. Ask her for work to get the quest (or sometimes to turn in the quest). If you have any trouble with the quest and want to cancel, there will be an option to do so under the "Got Any Work" menu option. All these quests are repeatable to new locations.Bounty Hunting with ValkyrieLoot Recovery for ValkyrieExploring New Places with ValkyrieSarah Repeatable Side QuestsAsk Sarah for work to get the quest (or sometimes to turn in the quest). If you have any trouble with the quest and want to cancel, there will be an option to do so under the "Got Any Work" menu option. All these quests are repeatable to new locations.Bounty Hunting with SarahTech Retrieval for SarahExploring New Places with Sarah


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